Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Musings--24 September 2012

Right now...nearly 6 a.m., still dark out and the chilliest morning thus far.  Una is up and on the computer, checking her mail and blogs before starting school (she likes to be finished by lunch).

This weekend...was so busy it went by in a blur.  Bret went to work on the house on Saturday, and I tackled my To Do list, which began with me and Una dusting the hens and the hen house for mites and lice.  My oldest hen, I had noticed, was looking a wee bit chewed up on the wings, and I don't want the new hens to start looking ratty, so Una and I donned goggles, dust masks (the stuff is natural, but you still don't want it up your nose and in your eyes) and powdered the hens.  Then she went in to shower, and I did the hen house.  Then I went in to shower.

After that there was laundry, butter to make, school printouts for the coming week to make, a pasta salad to make for Sunday, Kombucha tea to brew and start a second ferment, my bank statement to do and finally some ironing.  I was pretty wiped out by evening.  Bret came home pretty wiped out himself.  It's no party building a 4 bedroom house all by yourself.

Yesterday was nice, but a bit rushed in the morning, trying to get every one out the door by 7:20 for the early Mass.  Afterwards, we came home, changed and I made a pot of yellow squash with tomatoes, onions and garlic to take up to my sisters.  We were there for a cookout and to celebrate my nephews' birthdays (Thomas' on the 19th and James' coming up on the 30th). As always, the time passed much too quickly, and we had to get home so that the cow could be milked.  Yes, farming can keep you on a short lead.  I spent time putting away things and washing milk jars and then sat down gratefully and worked a little while on my writing, and actually got a bit done on my knitting, too, before bed.

Some plans for this week:  Well, Bret is back to no work, so he will be spending time on the house while the weather is good.  We are hoping that he can finish the soffit, facsia and siding on the house before the weather gets dreary; then all the work will be indoors.  We hope to spend a day in Bowling Green hitting the consignment shops and thifts.  Still looking for a jacket for Adrian that fits, Una needs shoes for Mass this winter, Gemma needs shoes and a winter coat or jacket, and everyone could use some sweat pants for hanging around the house this winter.  I need to make Adrian's rosary, too.  And the boys are due for haircuts once again.  I also need to make a list of gifts that I am making so as to have time before Christmas. And something I dread: pre-paying the winter propane.  Ugh.  That is a big, big chunk of money...

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...get more than just a few rows done on a vest I am knitting; find a whole hour to work on my writing; sew up a pair or two of pants for Gemma.

I am grateful that requires neither air conditioning nor heating; the lady who traded my butter and milk for her hens and kombucha (I love country trades!); quiet in the morning; the Etsy shop sales (which is my Christmas fund this year).

Some prayer intentions for this week:  For a peaceful and productive school week; for Bret's strength, energy and safety as he works on the house; for Sarah--who is 19 and has been diagnosed with leukemia; for the numerous friends/acquaintances who have requested my prayers recently.

Something that makes me smile: Our calf, Flag, growing big and strong.  Note the white-tipped tail; hence the name.


  1. Beautiful picture! Love to hear about your country life and just a tad envious! :)

  2. Sounds like you're making exciting progress on the house! Flag is looking very good indeed. Such a lovely creature. Praying for your intentions!


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