Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yarn Along--why I am still knitting this.

I am back for Ginny's weekly Yarn Along this week after a long hiatus.  I was at a point on this February Lady Sweater where I had to go back a few rows and fix some things.  That was so tricky for me that I had to find time when there were no kids about and I wasn't half asleep.  A day finally came when Bret took the boys out and Gemma was napping, and Una and I sat in quiet, and I was finally able to do it.  But in order to make sure there are no more errors, I have decided that I will only knit when I have presence of mind, and honestly, that's not very often.  So I squeeze in a few rows on a ride to Mass or a couple in the evening.  I am fearful that it is too small.  I know that blocking will help, but still...if it is too small for me, it will be too small for Una (who is about my size right now) and it will have to be moth-balled for Gemma...* s i g h *

Doing a bit better with reading these days, however.  Being finally done with the Lord of the Rings, I have been reading from my Kindle.  I never thought I could like electronic readers, but I sure do love being able to adjust font size so that I don't need my stupid reading glasses!  Right now I am getting close to the end of The Ball and the Cross by G.K. Chesterton and am loving it.  Surprises around every corner.  I find myself buying at least one new Kindle book a week--so tempting to get a complete collection by an author for $2.99!

Maybe I'll be popping in to see what you're reading and knitting.  It's that time, isn't it, to start knitting for Christmas?

Join Ginny--and this week, Jonny--for the Yarn Along at Small Things.


  1. Here is to praying with a good blocking that your sweater won't be too small!
    I wasn't sure I would like a Kindle either, and while I still love books, a Kindle does have its uses.

  2. love the color of your sweater----will keep hoping it works for you!!

  3. Oh I do hope the sweater will surprise you and be wearable after all your effort! I completely understand that certain projects can only be attempted with a good block of time and when free of grabbing little hands. Best of luck!

  4. Nadja,
    I worried that mine was too small too, but it ended up being perfect. So knit on...hopefully it will be fine and you will love it!!

  5. I hope that it will fit you! Warmly,

  6. I've read several places thst thr FLS runs small before blocking. Yours looks great, I hope it blocks well for you.
    I have the Ball and the Cross on my nook- I think it needs to move up the list :)

  7. beautiful green! good luck with finishing the sweater! ...and oh yes, we should definitely start knitting for christmas- but I'm such a slow knitter it might be too late already...

  8. LOVE that color! I hope it turns out to be a perfect fit for you.

  9. The yarn you're working with is really beautiful - green is my favourite colour.
    I am always worrying about whether or not something will fit me when I knit for myself. It has only once been too small, though. Can you compare it to a similar item in your wardrobe perhaps?


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