Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Musings--20 August 2012

I know that I have neglected the blog a bit lately.  It really couldn't be helped, as I dislike to griping about the various challenges we are dealing with right now, and the temptation to do so is very great. And so I have been pretty much avoiding the blog, the phone and the email.  The things going on are Big Things.  We are still awaiting word on Bret's biopsy results (yes, we have been waiting a full week), and due to the slow economy (thank you, President Obama), Bret is out of work again.  There just wasn't enough work coming in to keep Bret on.  So we are looking at it as an opportunity for Bret to get some work done on the house in KY, but it also means that things are financially impossibly tight right now, and likely will continue so for a while.  I could count off several more items that have made me feel like I need a Vodka-Valium Tonic, but I would rather just ask you to say a prayer for Bret's health and employment.  May God reward you.

Right is 6:00, and I am finally feeling somewhat awake after sitting here for an hour with my coffee and my volume of In Conversation with God.  Gemma customarily awakens a few times per night, and I customarily feel very tired...

This weekend...was really quite beautiful.  On Friday afternoon Bret repaired my washing machine after it had stopped dead in the middle of a cycle.  I really didn't enjoy rinsing a load by hand in the sink and hand-wringing each piece, but I am grateful that there were no jeans in the load (or bed sheets!), and that the weather was fine enough to hang it all out.

Saturday was wonderful.  It was Bret's birthday, but we put off celebrating and went to the Chapel of Divine Mercy for Family Vocation Day.  There were representatives from various religious orders there giving conferences, and there were vendors, and there were activities and games for the kids.  The weather was perfect, and there was an incredible turn-out, somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 people.  I have never seen the chapel so full, not even at ordination Masses.

The highlight of the day was really the talent show.  We are able to brag that our (yes, I claim the Fathers of Mercy as "our" priests) Fr. Joseph Aytona is likely the first Filipino break dancing Catholic priest in history.  That would make his brother, Fr. Jewel Aytona, the second.  And Fr. Jewel gave a pretty impressive demonstration of beat boxing as well. We came home completely exhausted, but all feeling very blessed.

Sunday we decided to take in a later Mass so that we could enjoy a more leisurely breakfast.  We picked up groceries on our way home, and I made a nice dinner and an almond cake for dessert.  Sweet, buttery--neither healthy nor low-cal, but very easy and quick, and man, is it ever good!  I'll try to get the recipe up here later.  In the evening we watched disc one of The Blue and the Gray.

Some plans for this week: I have a few Etsy orders to send out this morning (yay!), as well as a custom order for a watercolor journal to work on; I have cream that needs to become butter; I want to make a batch of granola.  I need to do a thorough sorting of the school room and start getting things ready for the start of school after Labor Day.  I still haven't many of the things we need for the coming year, but I have enough on hand to get a good start.  And I really need to do some cleaning.  The place is fairly orderly, but it needs to be cleaned.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...finally finish Una's skirt and work on some knitting.  I am getting only a little done on my February Lady Sweater because I am starting a series of hats and fingerless mitts and so forth for Christmas.  And speaking of Christmas, I think I really need to start thinking about it, especially since it will be, once again, on a tight budget.

I am grateful for...cooler temperatures; having my education plan for each of the children done for our umbrella school; being about 90% over the colds we recently had.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  yes, I would like Bret to have work, but the only thing I feel inclined to pray for right now is a good result for Bret's biopsy.

Something that makes me smile:  The multi-talented Fr. Jewel Aytona, CPM, a very devout and holy priest (and a great dancer!).  I am so pleased to have seen him and his brother journey from the novitiate to the priesthood.

Have a blessed week!


  1. I haven't been online much recently either. Still praying for Bret and that you get results soon. Waiting is always so hard. Sounds like the vocation day was wonderful -that's quite a picture you captured! (and I reckon that's one time the priest wouldn't want to be wearing a cassock, lol)

  2. Continued prayers, my friend! +JMJ+

  3. Kimberlee, yes, Father had just changed out of the cassock before his performance. I remember one of the novices trying to walk on his hands and forgetting about the cassock. It went over his head, he couldn't see, "stepped" on the hem with his hands and fell over.

  4. Thank you for your prayer! Hopefully we will hear something today.

  5. thats a funny picture ;o) lol! my dad loved to see priests goofing around...

  6. We traveled from Virginia to Wisconsin for a wedding in Aug. & went to mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help on Aug. 23rd; Fr. Jewel Aytona gave the most wonderful homily!! Hope to visit again sometime.


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