Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarn Along--in the palm of my hand

I am back again for Ginny's Yarn Along!

Well, I haven't made any progress in the last 3 weeks with my February Lady Sweater.  I dropped a stitch in the gull lace pattern, tried to back up and made a worse mess of things, and unless I find a local knitting genius to get me back on track, I fear it will remain in its current state of neglect indefinitely.

Meanwhile, I knit teeny things for Gemma's doll.  Gem's birthday is Saturday and I still have a little bonnet I want to make to go with this cardigan.  Anyone have a pattern for 1 1/4" long doll booties using worsted?

I haven't made much progress with The Return of the King, either.  Still plugging away, but that is because I have been spending a lot of time lately writing, and that cuts into the little reading/knitting time I have.

The big news is that I bought a Kindle Touch for Una and myself with some of our Etsy earnings!  As a bookbinder and restorer of old books, I for many years have looked down my nose at these things, and in all truth, I still prefer to turn a page by hand, but our library situation is such that as a homeschooling mother with a child entering high school, I felt I could no longer do without it.  Una consumes books, and I have neither the money nor the shelf space to keep her supplied.

We "christened" our Kindle with a first purchase of G.K. Chesterton, on whom Una has an intellectual crush.  We bought The Essential G. K. Chesterton  (don't be deceived--it does not have 400+ works of his!) and The Complete Father Brown Mysteries Collection.

Hope to see what you're up to in your reading and knitting this week!


  1. I hope you find someone to help save your FLS! I had to frog mine and am holding off recasting on for when I'll have a little more attention for it.
    Enjoy your Kindle! I have a nook and it is wonderful. To be able to put so much on it - and there is so much available for free it's amazing. :)

  2. What a sweet little doll cardigan. I hope you find a pattern for the booties. I used to feel the same about Kindle readers, but now I consume books using Kindle on my iphone and love it. I can read with the lights out and anytime I have a spare couple of minutes. I love the fact that your lovely Una has such a passion for books. Happy reading! Jacinta

  3. I totally understand the reasoning behind getting a Kindle! I'm still stalling...
    Love the quick doll knits- quick projects are totally the best

  4. have you used lifelines nadja? they can be helpful (really helpful) when knitting lace. i hope you get it sorted, and that tiny yellow cardi is adorable.

    p.s. my box arrived today!

  5. Such a sweet little sweater! Reminds me of the four I got one year for Christmas presents for the Bitty Babies (not being a knitter, I had to purchase them from a nice grandmotherly lady). And how appropriate to break in the kindle with some Chesterton! (We do love Father Brown around here)

  6. These were two of our very first selections for our Kindle, too! Gotta love GKC. :0) So envious of your knitting talent; the little sweater is precious!

  7. Ah, well, Lisa...You have extraordinarily fine taste in literature!


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