Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings--25 July 2012

Right now I am...very tired.  It is 6:50 and I have been up for nearly an hour, but Gemma had a restless, dream-filled night.  With the dream of a snake, she moved from a pallet beside the bed to the bed, and flip-flopped around between me and Bret until I had enough and moved her to her own bed at 4:45.  Ugh...

This weekend...was very nice, and quite relaxing, which I really did need.  On Saturday, Bret took the boys to get haircuts.  From there, he dropped the three younger ones off at my sister's to play with their cousins, while Sebastian worked with him on the house.  Gemma was mad as a bothered hornet to have been left home with us womenfolk!  She bawled, "I want to go with the boys!", and when I reached out to hold her, she took a step backward and bawled more loudly!  To heck with the rest of us; if Dominic goes somewhere, that is where she wants to go.

Gemma did calm down fairly quickly.  I don't think it took much.  When she went down for her nap, I worked on my organizer and my knitting, and Una and I watched Henry V (with Kenneth Branaugh), one of my favorite movies, and now one of hers.

The boys came home and my tired, dirty, big boy wearily went out to milk.  He was limping.  When I inquired, he said he'd been stung by a bee.  Well, I looked at it, and there was a sting on the back of the ankle, but the swelling was below the ankle and bruised.  It was pretty obvious that the swelling was not related to the sting, but that he had sprained his ankle.  After milking, he soaked in a tub of Epsom salts and I got it wrapped, put an ice-pack on it and gave him some ibuprofen.  It is much better today, but still swollen.

Yesterday was very nice.  We went to an early Mass in Gallatin, picked up a few things for the week and headed home.  After lunch, my sister picked me up and we went back into Gallatin to Goodwill, to look for clothing without children.  Bret took my crew to the creek to cool off.  I had a nice time, they had a nice time, and when I got home they looked pretty happy and tired, and were lying about watching some borrowed videos.

Some plans for this week:  Ugh.  It is all about planning and organizing for the coming school year.  I have been looking and looking, but I still have made only a few final decisions regarding curricula.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...order some yarn for a shawl (if it is in the budget) and maybe finish one or two more little sewing projects for Gemma's baby doll.

I am grateful for...the time I got to spend with my sister yesterday and the time my boys got to spend with their cousins; the email I received from my dad's cousin; the gift of Masses for my family and the soul of my dad; that none of my kids drowned or were bitten by water snakes at the creek!

Some special prayer intentions for this week:  For my sister and her telephone conference with Matthew's doctor; for Marin, who turns 4 tomorrow(!); for my uncle, who has a birthday on Thursday, for my friend Cindy's family (they've got some sort of flu-like bug), and for a special intention...

Something that makes me smile:   My boys with nice haircuts that I didn't have to do; the affection between my kids and my sister's kids; making teeny doll clothes; Una's eclectic tastes in just about every category and... first sponsored giveaway!  Please be sure to check it out and join in!  

Have a great week!

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