Thursday, June 21, 2012

A glue batik sun for the solstice

Being Catholic, we don't really "celebrate" the summer solstice, but we did watch A Midsummer Night's Dream with James Cagney, Olivia de Haviland and Mickey Rooney playing Puck oh-so-wonderfully.  And I do love the sun and the long days, if not the humidity of summer.  And that is worth at least a hat tip, eh?

I really enjoy how fast and easy glue batik is.  I dug out a scrap of white cotton--an old crib sheet, I think--and pinned it to a piece of cardboard in the morning.  Then, using that wonderful stuff, Elmer's School Glue Gel, I traced a circle using a plastic bucket lid and free-handed the rest of the sun.  And I let it dry.

Then I went at it with acrylic craft paints.  Go on and slop the stuff on; in my opinion it looks better than if you try to do a coloring book type, stay-within-the-lines sort of thing.  Spatters look right at home on batik.  Then I let that dry, too.  I probably ought to have put waxed paper between the cloth and the cardboard, as the paint stuck a bit. I was able to soak it off in the next step, but that could be avoided.

Last--the fun part--wash it.  You could put it by itself in a wash cycle, but I can't bear running a wash with only one item in it, so I scrubbed it in the sink.  Use hot water and a bit of soap, and the glue lines should rub right off.  Rinse it well and hang to dry.  Make a banner! Make T-shirts!  Make a tote-bag!  It's lots of fun...


  1. That is super cool! I love the look of the sun peeking through the sun!

  2. You know how to make even boring summer fun!!

  3. There is something Catholic to celebrate instead of the Solstice - the feast of St. John the Baptist. His words "He must increase, but I must decrease" go perfectly with the increase of sun this time of year. We used to have a St John the Baptist Party to kick off the summer (but planning one the last few years hasn't happened).

  4. Absolutely, Katherine! How many saints are there whose birthdays we celebrate? Other than the Blessed Mother, I am not aware of any others.


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