Friday, June 29, 2012

Decompression Crafting

This time of year is crazy.  I am trying to "finish" this school year (I school pretty much year round, but our umbrella school requires grade reporting and I need to sort of assess where we are in order to figure out what we are doing next), prepare for two birthdays and get ready for another school year, this one with the added stress of planning Una's high school years.  Ugh.  I obviously have absolutely no time to be working on crafts--other than those that are birthday-gift related--but that is how I decompress when I feel sort of ready to burst at the seams.  I suddenly develop this overwhelming urge to escape to my workroom and sit at my workbench or at the sewing machine.  Which explains why, in the midst of all that I should be doing, I have been doing this:

I've been practicing wood-burning a bit on some wooden buttons, which are now in the Etsy shop.  And I have nearly finished one of Gemma's birthday gifts, a set of clothing for her favorite baby doll.  I still have a couple of pieces I want to finish.

Do you craft for stress relief?  
Stop by Linda's Creative Friday on Natural Suburbia and see what other crafty folks are doing to decompress.

Creative Friday Button

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  1. I really like your buttons. What do you use to do the burning? It must be something really fine. My mum used to call that sort of decoration pokerwork.

  2. The doll clothing is lovely!
    The moon and sun buttons are my favourite :)

  3. I can't wait to get my buttons!

  4. They were shipped yesterday morning, Traci! I do hope you will enjoy them.


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