Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet the neighbors

We have this little family living at the pond nearby.  Sebastian grabbed my camera and went down there to capture them during their morning constitutional.  It has been an exceptional spring for viewing wildlife, and in only the last two weeks we have had in our yard or close at hand: a baby snapping turtle, an ancient snapping turtle, a mole, a possum, a squirrel (believe it or not, we don't seem many of these--maybe because of the barn cats), baby birds and goslings and a frog.  Some, but thankfully not all of these have been brought into the house for me to view.  I don't care for that much.  I have had a snapping turtle baby lost in my workroom for a couple of days and a snake for several hours.

Anyway, I am looking forward to watching these guys mature over the summer...


  1. What gorgeous photos. Sounds like you have a menagerie of wildlife too! I get so excited when wildlife venture into our yard. It's mostly birds and parrots, but we get the occasional echidna which is always a treat. Jacinta

  2. I see your place are very nice, I really want to have a place like that. I hope you enjoy living there.


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