Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Miscellany Room

When we moved to this house, we turned the carport into an addition, and this we divided into two "rooms" separated by a bank of cabinets.  One side was to be the school room and the other my bindery.  Four children and 8 years later, not a whole lot of bookbinding has been done here, but in the interim the room has become the room that holds all that cannot be held elsewhere.

Plastic bins of out of season clothing.  Piles of ironing.  Things to put up in the attic crawl-space.  My yarn stash.  My fabric stash and sewing machine.  Drawers of beads, boxes of papers, crafting items of every conceivable type.  Herb seedlings, bags and boxes of things to donate to the local thrifts.  Home schooling materials that are currently not in use.  A cheese press I've not yet tried.  A box I fill with gifts made and purchased throughout the year, and a container of wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags.  A box with my Etsy stock and a corner crammed full of mailing supplies.  Cardboard for shipping larger items.  Things that need to be repaired by Bret or by myself.

It is a mess, and every time I manage to get it cleaned up (usually before Christmas, because the room becomes "Christmas Central" every Advent), it rarely stays that way for more than a couple of weeks.

Still, this addition, with the cheery walls and floors and the many windows, is my favorite part of the house, having been designed by yours truly.  And it holds makings of many, many creative pursuits.  When my children have a desire to make something, the items they need to make it can frequently be found in here.

I groan at the mess whenever I have to do something in here, but I find it a better thing to spend a few hours making than cleaning...and as long as the mess is confined to this part of the house and not the living room or dining room, I can handle it.  It is, after all, not a mess of neglect, but one of activity.

What does your creative space look like?

I am linking this post to Nicole's Keep Calm, Craft On post...in which she shows a bit of her own creative mess!


  1. That will be my new slogan : a mess of activity not a mess of neglect.... :)

  2. I like calling it creative space - I'm going to borrow that phrase :)

  3. Ha, ha... we have a room like that... only I don't enjoy mine! You are so wonderfully creative, a space like that is a necessity! I love the color of the walls and the flooring! +JMJ+

  4. It may be messy, but my oh my what a life it represents!! I followed you over from KCCO and here is my project this week: My project this week: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/04/crafting-on-with-needle-and-thread.html

  5. What a happy miscellany! I love the peek at your binding materials and all the other creative stuff. When I survey the 'miscellany' of my house I remind myself that it's because we Do so many things. I like that 'mess of activity' - we have a lot of those around here too. Love your floor and wall colors too, so cheery!


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