Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Musings--Feast of the Annunciation, 2012

Happy feast day!

Right is dark out, quiet in the house, and Una is in the office working on algebra.  Yes, it is 6:04 a.m. as I begin this post, and she is doing algebra.  Best concentration, fewest distractions at this hour.

This weekend...was busy.  Saturday was lovely, in that I got to go with three ladies to see October Baby in Nashville.  It was a really  good movie, and I recommend it.  My one and only disappointment was the poor turn out.  Do people tend to shy away from films with a message, or is it just that movies with no sex, gore, intense action or marquee idols just don't draw people?  Anyway, I thought that it was really, really worth seeing.  Nice, too, was eating lunch out with grown-ups.  The kids, meanwhile, went to the library for the first time in ages, and then to a birthday party.  So they managed to have a lovely time as well.
Yesterday was a bit crazy.  Mass would have been lovely, if the little ones had not been so naughty!  Gabriel was feeling a bit queasy, so he sat in the vestibule and I came to sit with him.  Eventually we were joined by Gemma and Dominic, as they were not behaving well in the pew.

Because gas here is close to $4 a gallon and we drive a behemoth of a vehicle (car seats take up sooo much room--can't wait to go back to a mini van!), we have to combine trips, which means doing what I detest:  grocery shopping after Mass.  I always feel I am breaking the third Commandment, but when you find that nearly a quarter of the household income is going to gasoline, you do what you can.  So, after Mass it was grocery shopping and a quick run into Hancock Fabrics.  Unable to find a decent skirt or dress for Una to wear for Easter, she chose some fabric, and this week I will sew up a skirt.

Some plans for this a skirt; finish taking out my warm-weather wardrobe and putting away my winter stuff; talk to my mom (no message machine, no cell phone, no voice mail--no contact all of last week except through my sister!); continue cleaning and getting rid of stuff; get the boys haircuts (this has made my to-do list for three weeks now) and do a bit of menu planning.  I have to plan more meatless meals, as our supply is running down.  Today I want to make yogurt.

I am grateful much beautiful weather and being able to hang laundry out again; the dogwoods blooming; my beautiful, amazing ('though sometimes naughty) children; my Catholic faith; the view from the back yard (see my new header for spring!), for email friendships with kindred spirits.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  that my dad's back surgery--not yet scheduled--will be successful and  he will no longer be in pain; for my mom and Bret's; for my nephew, Matthew; for St. Joseph's intercession in having all our needs provided for; for construction to continue on the new house without going broke (when Bret is working on the house, he obviously is not earning wages at the cabinet shop--so we have either time or money, but never money AND time!)

Something that makes me smile:  Sebastian teaching Gabriel to drive the mower (he obviously likes to live dangerously!)