Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musings--5 March 2012

Right now...Nearly 8 a.m. and sunny...and really noisy in here!

This weekend...was pretty nuts.  The weather got crazy here on the Tennessee/Kentucky border and we made some preparations for a potential tornado.  We always must be very subtle about preparing, as some of the kids get very panicky about the weather, and I can't deal with tornadoes and kids in panic-mode at the same time.  Anyway, the worst of it passed us to the north and to the south, and we never got more than some high winds and scary-looking skies.  My friend Cindy's family had a bigger scare, with a tornado passing close, but luckily they suffered no more than a momentary power outage, a tree and some branches down and terrible fright.

Other than that, I've a boy who had a minor surgery, and who's still a bit tender, and our milk cow has mastitis.  I actually had to buy milk.  And if I thought gas prices were bad, organic milk prices are much, much worse!

Yesterday the line was so long for confession, and there were only two priests to hear confessions, that even though we arrived a full 50 minutes before Mass, we didn't make it in for confession!

And wouldn't you know it, the one day I don't take my camera with me, we see a herd of deer on our way to Mass, and a really large flock of turkey buzzards sunning themselves.  I hate missing the shot!

Some plans for this week:  school; continue to work with Adrian in preparing him for his first confession in two weeks from now; haircuts--at least for one or two of the boys!  I really hate cutting hair, but it would cost 50-60 bucks to take all the males of the family to the barber!  I am continuing with the de-cluttering of the house, saving the kids' rooms and work room for last.  Next is the bathroom, which shouldn't, in theory, be too hard.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...get into my work room and make some skirts for the girls and maybe a dress for Gemma.  Nothing fancy, as I have next to no sewing skills...

I am grateful for...Adrian healing up well, a friend willing to drive 1 1/2 hours one day and 3 1/2 the next to take us to Vanderbilt last week; the assistance of our Blessed Mother in resolving a family problem in a manner that has given us a sense of peace; sunshine this morning.

I am praying for...continued healing for Adrian and for my nephew, Matthew; lower gas prices (they are killing us right now!); the cow to recover from her mastitis; some divine or earthly assistance for Una, who is struggling with algebra right now; guidance in planning for the coming school year--with Una entering high school--and for peace and joy in our home.

Something that makes me smile: Gemma streaking across the schoolroom in nothing but a pixie hat...

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...and have a great week!