Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yarn Along--Love, Knitting and Rejection

Hello!  I am back this week, joining Ginny's Wednesday Yarn Along once again.  I was dealing with a lot of ugly stuff last week, as a stomach virus ran through our family.  I did knit a little, in dribs and drabs between doling out saltines and flat Coke and holding little heads over toilets.

Right now I am knitting this wonderful little Esprit Folk vest for Gemma.  I am using Cascade Eco Yarn for the first time, and I love the yarn and love the pattern.  I want to make another one of these vests in a light gray or oatmeal color.

I finished Una's slouchy hat nearly two weeks ago, but it took me some time to get her outdoors for photos. I now have the notes up on Ravelry.  She literally has not taken the hat off since I made it, except to bathe or sleep.  I am forgetting what her head looks like without it.

I still haven't gotten a photo of Adrian in his birthday Henley, although he has worn it a couple of times now. Maybe I will get one today, as the weather is supposed to be mild.  My camera just doesn't like the low light conditions of my house.

And now we go on to the title of this post.  It is not pleasant when one puts one's heart and soul into making a gift for someone, and that someone does not like it.  And two year olds have not learned tact or diplomacy.  The object to which I refer is this sweater:

Yep, the labor of love with the needle-felted toadstools and hand-painted buttons.  Gemma will not wear it.  In fact, the first time she modeled it for my camera was the last time I got her to wear it for more than two minutes.  In all truth, she doesn't like most of what I have made for her, at least not the cardigans and pullovers.  It might have something to do that this girl is almost always too hot.  I keep the thermostat at a chilly 66 degrees, and she is constantly stripping off her shirts exclaiming, "I hot!"  She wears the vest I made for her, which is why I am knitting another vest.  I'll try a cardi again, but use cotton and see how that goes over.  All I know is that she won't let me put it on her.

So, I am putting it into our Etsy shop.  I can't get sentimental about a sweater Gemma never wore, and I hate the thought of it just being packed away.  If it sells, fine, and if not, I will put it in tissue paper and mothballs and see if I one day have a grandchild who doesn't hate it.

Knitting can be such an emotional thing, you know....

As for my reading, I am officially halfway through The Fellowship of the Ring.  I am loving it all over again.  Even though it dips into my knitting time in bed.

Can't wait to see what you are reading and knitting!


  1. Lovely knits... beautiful sweater. Hope the vest is a winner. It looks like a pretty pattern. Glad everyone is feeling better.

  2. Two-year-olds are *so* difficult to please, aren't they? Your sweater is lovely & if my girl wasn't bigger than a two-year-old I would buy it from you. I'm sure someone with a two-year-old-sized girl will love it... xo

  3. Oh, I can relate! My oldest has a few things that she just won't wear (which is why when she actually requests something, I jump right on it!)
    the sweater is beautiful as well as the hat (I will have to check out that pattern)
    Glad all are feeling better

  4. Sniff, sniff about the sweater. Lovely detachment lesson I guess. Love Una's hat! I know what it's like to not see children's heads save for their slouchy hats! Glad you're enjoying your trip through FOTR - just a little different from the movie, eh? ;-)

  5. Love the hat, it is so slouchy good! The model is quite beautiful as well :)

  6. The Sweater for Gemma is soooo beautiful! I like it! It is sad that Gemma does not want to wear it, but sure to please someone else.

    Joyful day!
    Letitia from Slovakia.

  7. i love the toadstool cardy! your work is beautiful x

  8. I saw it in etsy and wondered. Oh dear me, I would have a hard time with that, it's a precious cardi although it does deserve to be loved. Good luck with the vest and the hat is darling on your daughter.

  9. The cardi is adorable! I'm sure it will make another little girl very happy :)

  10. Very beautiful sweater! I'm sorry to hear about Gemma's refusal to wear it. I absolutely agree with all that it will make another girl very happy.


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