Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Musings--20 February 2012

Right now...7:15 a.m.,  and the sun is pouring in through the windows.  Bret left to work 45 minutes ago, and it is chilly this morning!

This weekend...Bret worked on the KY property with a friend on Friday and Saturday.  Friday we didn't do too much school-wise.  I read a bit to the little boys and to Gemma, did some house cleaning and knit.  I have been feeling overwhelmed, and the way I deal with that is to crawl into a hole and try not to think about it!  Not very productive, I know, but I've managed to maintain my sanity--to some degree, anyway--with this coping mechanism!

On Saturday I showered, bathed the little kids, helped Una to bake coolies and worked a bit to get some mini heating pad sets made for the Etsy shop.  I have the inner bags made, and I just have the outer shells to do.  We also finished the last disk of The Two Towers--so now we have watched The Lord of the Rings in its extended version all the way through twice since Christmas.  I am a 48 year-old geek...

Yesterday was nice, and would have been nicer if Dominic could have behaved himself during Mass.  Having a hyperactive child is exhausting.  Five minutes into rosary he is asking, "Is Mass almost done?"  I told him to pay attention, that the rosary was being prayed, and that meant that Mass hadn't begun yet.  Huge, exasperated sigh in response.  "We're going to be here all day!"  We do this every Sunday...

At home I worked on finishing some knitting for Gemma and made burritos for dinner.  We watched a borrowed movie in the evening--The Invisible Man, with Claude Rains.  Oh, my, it was fun!  The thought of this scientist-gone-mad wreaking havoc in the nude (so as not to be seen) just made me laugh!

Some plans for this week:  Of course, planning for Lent is on the forefront here.  Really, I just keep it fairly simple.  When I first began to blog, I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful ideas I found on the blogs of others, and I tried to implement a lot of what appealed to me.  Well, I ended up biting off more than I could chew.  So...we will have out Lenten Calender up, which I made last year.  We'll put up the Stations of the Cross throughout the house and on Fridays we will pray the stations rather than doing the rosary.  We'll set out the jar for the kids to drop beans into, representing their little sacrifices acts of penance--these will be replaced by jelly beans on Easter morning.  Together we'll sit down and think of some things we can do all through Lent--faults to try to overcome, virtues to acquire.  Simple is best for us, and better to do a few things well than a whole slew badly.

I also want to make a list of everything I have to do during Lent--from big house-cleaning chores to finding Easter shoes for Una and finding Easter goodies and birthday gifts for various family members...I am feeling that impulse to crawl into a hole and knit again...!

If I can find some time for myself, I would like on things for the Etsy shop.

I am grateful for...Bret having a job to go to this morning; progress made on the house; friends--mine and Una's--who have been made through blogging; health.

Some prayer intentions for the week:  for Adrian, whose baptismal feast is today; for guidance and counsel as I look into homeschooling Una for high school this coming fall; for my nephew Matthew; for those battling cancer, and finally, for a good and holy Lent which will draw us closer to our Lord.

Something that makes me smile:  finger-etched hearts on the frosty glass.

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Have a great start to Lent this week!


  1. I have to keep it simple, too. Even at my age with many, many years of homeschooling "under my belt", I can still feel inadequate when I visit some of my favorite blogs! ;) Wishing you a peaceful week as we begin the Lenten season. Peace, love, and prayers, Annita

  2. You have your hands full every Sunday. But, I had to smile at his asking...before mass had even begun.

    You are right, Nadja. There are too many ideas on the internet for lent...and everything. You are wise to pick and choose. Simple is better and calmer. -heather


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