Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings--13 February 2012

Right is just about breakfast is partly cloudy, with the sun trying to break through.  Una is on the computer (she's done with math for the day), Sebastian is using my camera for something, the little boys are playing with Legos, and I am not sure what the others are doing.

This weekend...was busy on Saturday and lazy on Sunday.  On Saturday Bret worked the morning with my dear brother-in-law to repair a bale buggy.  It is very handy to have a mechanic for a brother-in-law, and with Bret being a woodworker/carpenter, we have a lot of ground covered.

While he was busy in the freezing cold doing that, I made out my menu plan and grocery list for the week, showered, bathed kids, trimmed Sebastian's hair a bit and did laundry.  Bret came home and we went into Gallatin to do our grocery shopping before going to the vigil Mass.  Dominic napped through the Mass and Gemma napped on the way home while we prayed our rosary.  At home, half the family ate pizza, while the other half opted for a light dinner of yogurt (we still have some sensitive stomachs here), after which everyone watched a movie and I knit.  We went to bed rather late.

Sunday was as lazy a day as we had hoped for.  The day was spent in various ways:
1.  Drinking lots of cocoa and ginger-lemon tea;
2.  Napping (Bret);
3.  Painting;
4.  Answering email;
5.  Making some pine cone bird feeders;
6.  Playing with Legos;
7.  Playing with clay;
8.  Catching up on some mending;
9.  Practicing the tin whistle;
10. Watching movies (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)

Some plans for this week:  trying to get back in the swing of things after the plague of last week!  Today I have to make butter, do my checkbook and get the kids back into a routine.  I have to make dental appointments for the kids.  Tomorrow I have a dental appointment myself.  I know it is Valentine's Day, but I never really went in for its celebration.  I am afraid that as sentimental as I am in some ways, I have a suspicion that Valentine's Day was invented by florists, candy makers and greeting card companies.  And frankly, I'm too tired to make cards and sugar cookies.  Maybe next year...I really need to be preparing for Lent and looking through resources old and new.

If I find some time for myself, I want to...make a list of things I want to sew, both for my kids and for the Etsy shop.  I am thinking ahead to spring...

I am grateful one throwing up.  And washing machines.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  I am trying not to stress about Una starting high school in September, so I am asking Our Lady of Good Counsel for her prayers and guidance.  I am praying for no bad news at my dental appointment tomorrow, and for Bret to have time to work on the house soon.

Something that makes me smile:  Gemma managing to change the ring tone, call the lumber store and send a photo to her aunt, all in the 20 minutes or so that Bret let her play with his cell phone.  Also, my daughter's recent post makes me smile and laugh!

As always, you're welcome to grab the header image and use it for your own Monday Musings post.  Just link back here, if you would, and if you would like, you may leave a link to your post in the comments.  Have a blessed week!

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  1. Glad to see your musings and very glad everyone is on the mend! Wishing you a happy, healthy, productive week! Love, Annita +JMJ+


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