Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Musings--9 January 2012

Right now...I feel so beat!  Gemma woke up at 1:30 a.m., and then again just after 2, after which I just couldn't get back to sleep.  When the alarm went off at 5, I thought I would rather die than get out of bed.  But here I am.  Funny how I could not sleep to save my life last night, and yet if I close my eyes right now for half a minute, I am certain I'd be out cold!

This weekend...was really busy.  On Saturday, Bret went up to the KY property to work on the house, and he took Sebastian with him.  I made butter, did laundry, bathed little kids and myself, made some pumpkin-cheesecake bars and took down all the tree ornaments and put them away.  I made a casserole for dinner.  Bret and Sebastian got home at 5 and went to milk the cow.  Sebastian barely ate...he was so tired, but the day out in the chilly sunshine did him good:  his face was glowing and he looked so healthy (wish I had a photo).  He fell asleep right after dinner, before 7 p.m.  We all decided to follow suit and turn in a bit earlier than usual.

We went to Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy yesterday and had a beautiful Mass, with a homily from Fr. Bill Casey, CPM.  We all made it to confession, too, which always feels good.

We got home, tidied up and changed clothes, then headed out to my friend April's annual Epiphany Party.  At first we thought we were on a rescue mission, as Bret was told that everyone invited had called having to decline the invitation--we were off to help April mess up the house and eat the food, so that all her cooking and cleaning would not be for naught!  In the end, another large family arrived as well, and so it still managed to get busy and noisy (3 families with 6 kids apiece).  All the kids but Una fell asleep on the way home, and were quickly put to bed.

Some plans for this week:  School!  We are officially back at it this morning, and the new and revised chore chart is in place as well.  I want to get the Christmas boxes up into the attic, try to work on a secret birthday project for Adrian's birthday next month, get one sleeve on his sweater finished and the other started, and, if possible, catch up on some mending.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...start a new, small knitting project.  Maybe a slouchy hat for my big girl...

I am grateful for...the fact that once I put Gemma down, the other kids are old enough to leave me alone if I need to lie down for a while today...

Some prayer intentions for this week:  Lord, make me a saint...and please help me to not gripe so much about the insignificant little crosses you ask me to take up each day!

Something that make me smile:  Gemma giving me multiple kisses; a baby boy smiling heart-meltingly at me during Mass, as he was held by his father and looking back over his shoulder; my Goddaughter's huge, round, rosy cheeks; Gemma running about in socks and a cowboy hat while I try to get her to stand still so that I can dress her.  Aren't toddlers a hoot?

Well, it took me half the day to get this published!  As always, I welcome you to grab the header image and do your own Monday Musings post; kindly link back here, and if you wish you can leave a link to your own post in the comments section.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. OOH! OHH! If you find a good slouch hat knitting pattern, would you please post it here? I have been searching for one for AGES!

  2. Gladly, dear...I hope to do a bit of searching on Ravelry tonight (if I am not working on the Top Secret Birthday Project)!


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