Monday, December 26, 2011

Serenity can be hard to find (and a prayer request)...

Peace is at a premium, especially with kids all jacked up on Christmas candy and no school to create a sense of routine.  After all the hustle and rush in the weeks leading up to this beautiful feast, I felt that Christmas should bring with it some sort of release, a great exhalation, and with it, a sense of inner quiet.

It's just not happening.  At least not yet.


I snapped these shots on our way to Mass on Christmas morning.  This is as close as I can come to least for now...

As for the prayer request, Kimberly over at Catholic Family Vignettes has a dear daughter in serious condition in the hospital.  I know that your prayers would be appreciated and that they will bear fruit...I am sure she and her family could use some serenity, too...


  1. Nadja,
    I've read a couple of blogs where we moms are saying, "what happened this year?" I told my mom that I'm doing things differently next Christmas(inspired by Ginny). However, I love this time of reflection after Christmas to re-evaluate and plan.

    The pictures you took are beautiful.

    ps....I just visited Kimberly's blog after praying for her family. Peace to all.

  2. What beautiful pictures you captured! :)

    I will be praying for Kimberly!

  3. Nadja...your photos...your words...your prayers...precious. Thanking you for all of them from the bottom of my broken heart...


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