Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yarn Along--and other things

Sorry about the bloody awful photo, fuzzy as it is, but I realized that my batteries were near death and had to fire off a couple of rapid shots without taking time to get it all in focus!

I am joining Ginny again this week for her Wednesday Yarn Along.  Let me just say that if you missed her post from yesterday--Silas with sweet potato all over his happy little face--you missed some great baby photos!

Above is Adrian's Henley sweater, which would likely be done by now if I wasn't working on other stuff for Christmas and for the Etsy shop.  Eeek.  I haven't even made a Christmas card list yet...

Although the sweater is nothing new, you will note that it is now being knit with my new Harmony interchangeable cable needles from Knit Picks.  I am so happy!  The only trouble is that the needle sizes aren't marked on the needles, so Bret is going to give me a diamond-point engraving tool so that I can put the sizes on the metal parts.  That will prove helpful.

I am still reading this book a few pages per evening and it is making me itchy to try my hand at a little Kool Aid dying (I'm not set up with extra equipment to use exclusively for acid dyes).  Luckily, Knit Picks is having a sale that ends today, and I hope to pick up a few skeins of bare merino to play with.

I am back to reading In Conversation with God--a good way to start Advent.  The sweet couple people who loaned me the books let me keep them!  Truly a gift that will be used for a lifetime.  I am also reading from The Liturgical Year.  My mother gave me this set years ago; she pre-ordered it from the publisher, and it is truly wonderful.

Okay, enough chatter...let's get back to our Christmas crafting and planning!


  1. I have the same trouble with the interchangeable needles - what a pain! You've got a good solution, I hope it works well :)

  2. Ok I hate to covet all your stuff but I need to get some interchanging needles and that book is on my to buy list hee hee. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The only thing that gets me about my knitpro's too. I store them away with my needle gauge to avoid having to hunt for the sizes. Your idea sounds good.

  4. happy knitting to you...I'm crocheting today

    we used Kool-Aid to make play dough last's one of those things that is good for color, but NOT for eating in my opinion

    oh, the joys of preparing for Christmas...I really love it...we are reading a book every day with my girls instead of doing an advent calendar countdown:

  5. Marfa--I totally agree on the Kool Aid--and I have used it for Play Dough, too!

    Crunchy Momma--I coveted for two years before finally getting these! I just had to curb my urge to buy more yarn and put the money toward the needles instead!


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