Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday Musings--21 November 2011

Right now:  7:00...nasty and rainy.  I actually awakened briefly in the wee hours to lots of lightening flashing into the room.

This weekend...was very enjoyable, for the most part.  On Thursday we had the pleasure of a visit from a priest friend, a Father of Mercy, who came by for a casual dinner and a movie.  The kids all enjoy his visits so much, and he is such an easy-going guy that I can really be very relaxed around him.  We had the benefit of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with him and receiving his blessing for our home and our family.

Friday was a fairly ordinary day, with the usual school work, housework and so forth.  I did manage to do a little work on something for the Etsy shop.

On Saturday Bret had to work on the house half a day, taking advantage of fair weather.  I had meant to work on my knitting and Etsy things, but ended up cleaning Una's room, which took a couple of hours.  I hadn't intended to do so, but I went to put something in her closet and something in me snapped, and I had to put things in proper order.  When I was done, her room and closet and dresser drawers were tidy.  I know that it probably won't stay that way for long, but the truth is, she has too much stuff in her room.  When we are in our new home, her room will be a good bit smaller, and we will have a good storage area upstairs, so she will be able to have bins with the things she only rarely plays with up there.  Her room will have less in it to throw about.

Yesterday was gray and rainy.  We went to Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy, and stopped at Wal-Mart for provisions--much of it for Thanksgiving--and then went home.  I spent a little time knitting and we watched an Agatha Christie murder mystery from Netflix in the evening.

Some plans for the week:  Bret will be working on the house this week, but for Thanksgiving Day.  And I will likely do some school with the kids, but it might be less than usual due to Thanksgiving cleaning and cooking.  I do want to list a few new things in the Etsy shop, get down a few things for Advent (my wreaths and my Nativity sets), and start getting my various Christmas lists together.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...knit and sew!  I still am working on Adrian's sweater, and I actually have a few other smaller gifts I'd like to knit for Christmas.  As for sewing, I have doll bedding to make and possibly a doll dress if I can manage it.

I am grateful for...the strength God has given me to deal with things that would normally make a basket case of me!  And I am thankful for the kindness and generosity of so many people, from family to people I have never actually met.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for a lovely Thanksgiving for everyone, and especially for those who are in bad situations:  those who are ill, or jobless, or lonely, or despairing.  I am praying for my mother's friend Inge in Germany, who is dying of cancer and is in terrible pain, unable to eat and no longer getting any relief from morphine.  I am praying for my dad, who couldn't make it out here for a visit this Thanksgiving, and who has an appointment with a neurologist this week to look into his constant headache and other symptoms after a fall a long while back.  I am praying for the sale of a friend's farm, for good building weather for us, and for a very pregnant mama who may go into labor at any moment!

Something that makes me smile:  Toddlerese!  Gemma is talking all the time, and the way she says things makes me chuckle.
Bel-bel = belly button
Aye-aye = Adrian
Batise = Sebastian
Sra-beebee = strawberry
Coo-coo = cookie

As always, please feel free to join in with your own musings.  Just grab the header image for your post and link back here, if you would.  Then, if you would like, you can leave a link to your own post in the comments.  Have a lovely week!


  1. Good afternoon! I'm just getting on my computer today. I took Abigail to do her Christmas shopping, and then we got a quick bite to eat. Next week, I'll take another one to do theirs until they've all had a morning out with Mom to buy their siblings small gifts finishing up with lunch out.

    Your weekends always sound pleasant. I am envious of your relationships with your priests. I've yet to experience that! :( Maybe due to the size of our Church.

    Have a good week! Peace, love, and prayers, Annita +JMJ+

  2. Sounds like you have a nice weekend!

  3. Sounds like a perfectly relaxed and lovely weekend. I'm so glad I'm not the only mama who has sudden urges to tidy odd cupboards and drawers. It's not often I'm in the mood but when I am, then I'm like a whirlwind ;)
    Blessings to you all

  4. Oh, Nadja. Continue journaling your little one's own emerging vocabulary. One day you'll forget all those words that made you smile and laugh and you'll have them all written down to bring you smiles again (maybe tears too).

  5. It's me again. I just visited and followed you daughter's are passing on the blogging spirit...and the faithful spirit.

  6. What a lovely list!
    We had a proper cupboard and drawer clean up a couple of weeks ago. I don't know how but things just seem to multiply in our house :) I swear those cupboards were a minimlists dream when I'd finished with them, they are now yet again brimming to overflowing :)


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