Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yarn Along--just let me knit...

I am back with Ginny for another weekly Yarn Along.  Poking about the "blogosphere" and seeing what everyone is knitting and reading has really become one of the joys of my week.  Thanks, Ginny!

After finishing those great little slippers for Gemma last week, I was sorely tempted to cast on another pair for someone, anyone, just because they were so satisfying to knit and put together.  But I resisted, and made myself move forward on the two cardigans--Una's Sweet Peasy and Gemma's little Mini Chic.  I only have the button bands to do on Una's, and have been putting it off, as picking up stitches is almost as tedious to me as seaming (I wonder if I can ever be tempted to knit a seamed sweater again...)  I am about to begin the sleeves on Gemma's (I'll do full length sleeves for winter), but I botched the button band by following the instructions.  For a 2T, the buttons shouldn't be so close together, and I noted that too late, so I will have to sew up two of them and then try to cover them, maybe with some needle-felted do-dads.

I am hoping to get these done by the end of the month; if I can, I have one pullover the sleeves of which I must lengthen for Gabriel, and then one more pullover to knit for Adrian, and I will have accomplished my goal of 6 sweaters in 6 months!

I am still reading An Exorcist Tells His Story.  I read very little in a day--I am presently consumed with knitting).  It is interesting, and not a little creepy.

Join the knitting and reading bonanza on Ginny's Yarn Along and find loads of inspiration!


  1. They look lovely! Good luck with your goal of 6 sweaters! :)

  2. Your tops look lovely. Good luck with your attempts at knitting up six jumpers in six months!


  3. Oh, button bands! I knit them as I went for the last cardigan I made, and they were so floppy that I had to reinforce them with fabric and that added HOURS to the whole thing. So my work around actually created more work for me. The book you're reading sounds very interesting.

  4. SO impressed! Six sweaters! Six months! Wow, I'm in awe. They are beautiful too!

  5. really pretty sweaters nadja, i was just thinking the same thing, i wonder if i'll ever do a seamed sweater again. i love not sewing, but i also love the look of a seamless sweater too.

  6. You create beautiful things.



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