Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Musings--26 September 2011

Right is just after 6 and raining steadily.  Una is on the other computer doing her algebra, and the house is very still.

This weekend...was busy, but very nice.  On Friday I spent a bit of time sewing a peasant blouse for Gemma from this online tutorial.  I plan to adapt it to a dress pattern with long sleeves for the cooler weather.  On Saturday we did our grocery shopping and got home at about lunchtime.  I put up a batch of soup using this recipe but adding more beef stock (oh, it was very, very good!) and made a pasta salad  to take to my sister's on Sunday using tortellini from Trader Joe's.  I also did laundry, trimmed Gabriel's bangs so that he can see again, bathed Gemma and picked out another cardigan pattern to start on so that I have something besides Una's to work on.

Yesterday was lovely.  Confession, lovely Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy (Fr. Joseph Aytona, CPM was celebrant...we have been friends with him since he was a homesick novice!...and Fr. Pablo Straub was visiting and a concelebrant).  The weather was delightful.  Came home, changed clothes and went to my sister's to celebrate the birthdays of two of my nephews.  Thomas already had a birthday on the 19th and turned 6; James will be 3 on the 30th.  It is so much fun to watch the interaction of the cousins.  You know what?  I charged my camera batteries while we were at Mass; I put them in the camera when we got home from Mass, AND THEN I FORGOT TO TAKE THE CAMERA!!!  I was pretty upset with myself.  The meal was delightful and we had a brilliant time.

Some plans for this week:  Hm...I must be procrastinating again, as they looks suspiciously like the plans for last week.  Bake pumpkin bread, start putting away some summer clothes, and so forth.  Una and Gabriel have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, otherwise there are no big plans.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...spend some time sewing and knitting.

I am grateful for...time spent with my sister's family and the fact that we will be building our house within sight of hers; the sacrament of Confession; the health of my family; a well-stocked pantry when so many in this world go hungry on a regular basis.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  For my nephew James, who will be 3 on Friday; for a fruitful 40 Days for Life, which begins on Wednesday, for a good week of learning with the children and for work for Bret, as he wraps up a job this week and moves on to...???

Something that makes me smile:  Gemma wearing a 46 year-old dress that I wore at her age!

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