Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Along--lessons in patience and humility

Joining Ginny's wonderful Yarn Along again this week.  Having it to look forward to really gives me a lot of incentive to move along with my knitting.  And I would be done with that second sleeve this morning had I noticed sooner that I had forgotten the last decrease of four stitches before starting the ribbing.  So I had to rip back and do it..

Even so, there are a number of errors in this sweater, mostly around the color transitions, but since I made it for knocking about, and since it is going to my youngest boy and is not likely to be passed on to Gemma, I am not sweating it.  He will outgrow it, I shall unravel it, and a new sweater will be made in time.

If all goes well, you will see it blocked and on Dominic next week.  And I can begin planning my next one!  That's make 3 down and 3 to go (well, nearly 3 down--I still have to go back to Gabriel's sweater and lengthen the sleeves, which will be a pest with that hairy, splitty yarn!).

We are reading aloud The Penderwicks at Point Mouette.  After reading the first two Penderwicks books, we were happy to finally get our hands on this one  Una is hard to keep in books...she checked out 16 from the library and holed up in her room for three days and read them all.

And I am still reading through Drawing with Children.  I have to lay in some more watercolor paper and invest in some markers, and I would also like to get some good beeswax or soy based crayons.  I am hoping that some more sales in our Etsy shop will finance the cost of these materials.

I look forward to spending bits and pieces of time checking out what everyone is knitting and reading now in these last official days of summer.  Remember, Christmas is only four months away, so if you need a little gift-giving inspiration, stop by Ginny's Yarn Along at Small Things!


  1. I think your sweater is just beautiful and do not see any of the mistakes you are talking about.
    I have a reader too that stays in his room and devours makes me smile. xx

  2. I think the sweater looks great :)
    Ugg, only 4 months till Christmas? Bother, so much to do. ;-)

  3. Some mistakes don't affect the overall garment. You may be the only one who 'knows'. It looks very nice. I wish we had some avid readers in our house. 16 books in 3 days? That's some quick reader!

  4. The sweater is beautiful....If I ripped out everything I had a mistake in..I would never have a finished project..


  5. 16 books in 3 days (I think I can identify with that!) and Algebra in the morning before school starts- sounds like a very special kid.
    You seem like a great mother who encourages and supports her children. I love to see that :]


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