Thursday, June 2, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}:2 June 2011

I am joining Leila today at Like Mother, Like Daughter for this week's {pretty, happy, funny, real}.

Yes, yes, I know it is a photgraph of bread, but it looks so pretty when I use a Brotform .

 When it is over 90 degree outside, the only outdoor fun is wet fun.

 There's nothing like a big dishpan of sudsy water and play dishes to keep them busy  (Dominic is blowing, not sucking, by the way)--

--all in the shade of the porch, of course.

Actually, a big bowl of chilled, cut-up watermelon works pretty well, too.

 This is how my husband mows:  he lets the cows out in the yard.  Not a bad idea, except for the fact that we end up with cow patties around the yard, and ornamental plants eaten.

I guess the play set was the popular spot this morning.  

 This is the state of my workroom.  In truth it is The Catch-All Room.  It is full of things that need to go somewhere else.  Things for Goodwill, things to be stored in the attic, things to be ironed, outgrown and out-of-season clothing, things to be repaired.  Every now and then it gets tidied up properly, and then I just want to sit in it and behold the order and beauty of it.  

But right now it is a disaster.  Yuck.

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  1. I love the cows in the yard. I live in the Deep South and it is HOT here also. I think I will set up some waterplay for my son today. Great idea. And we had watermelon last night also.

  2. Great pictures! We've been eating lots of watermelon as well as cantaloupe here. So thankful for our pool during the summer. Yesterday the kids were outside ALL day... when they get tired of swimming, they blow bubbles, paint with watercolors, and draw all over our patio with sidewalk chalk. Then they are ready to jump back in. I do not enjoy the heat, but I do love the summer for the kids. +JMJ+

  3. So, the cows eat all the grass? Great!

  4. Well, actually, no, they don't eat all the grass. They eat much of it and leave clumps of herbage that doesn't interest them. My husband still has to mow, but he can put it off for a few days and give the back pasture a break.

  5. Great cow behind laundry. Brown Swiss bread?

  6. Are you referring to the breed of the cow of the bread, Charlene? The cow is not a Brown Swiss, but a Jersey, and the bread is not brown Swiss either, but more of a "Mischbrot" (mixed grain), the recipe is posted on my blog...

  7. all the pics are lovely!

    that bread looks delish.

  8. I love the shot of the animals on the play set. Too funny!

  9. I love the cow and the clothesline! It made me laugh out loud.

  10. I can't believe you have a cow wandering around your yard! That is just so funny. Love your photos!

  11. The picture of your workroom makes me feel so much better about my sewing room. :-)

  12. Patti,
    So glad that some good can come of such chaos!

  13. I was just going to say I thought your cow looked sweet, but the blue of your workroom (and the fact that you have a whole room to work in) made me smile, too. Your children are beautiful!


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