Thursday, June 30, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: 30 June 2011

A misty, dew-bejeweled morning at Patch O' Dirt Farm:

School books for the year ahead slowly dribbling in.

The kids and I have been enjoying our first 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle!

Gemma making what we refer to as her "Potty-Face".  She makes this face whenever anyone says, "Go pee-pee."

Bamboo knitting needles.  They look nice, they feel good.  The smaller sizes do not tolerate being sat upon in one's knitting bag...


  1. The web is fantastic - I don't want to meet that spider though!

  2. Beautiful pictures, especially the first two.

    Yeah for Gemma! I've had four early to potty-train and two who where quite stubborn about it... guess which category Miss Marin is in? She'll be my third stubborn one... and I mean very articulately stubborn! :) But, I know when she's ready, it will be easy enough. No worries.

    Have a great day! +JMJ+

  3. You have some fantastic views to wake up to! New books make me very happy too :)

  4. Oh, that first misty picture is breathtaking...and the dew covered web! WOW! Those are some good shots!! Your poor knitting needles!

  5. You have the most beautiful photographs! Unfortunately, I had a similar sight in my knitting bag yesterday...

  6. Those first photos are lovely. And love the books pouring in.

  7. beautiful pics, as always, friend.
    as for books pouring in...ugh! i am not even ready to THINK about school yet! (so i spent $30 at barnes and noble today on some summer reading for myself:)
    as for knitting needles...yeah, i found one of my bamboo needles outside on the ground the other night...i have a bad feeling "someone" was "playing" with it. using it as a weapon perhaps...???


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