Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Musings--27 June 2011

Right is nearly 6 a.m. and the sun is coming up behind a few clouds, the birds are singing and the house is quiet.  No one up yet.

This weekend...was busy, but it usually is.  I did my usual Saturday cleaning and laundry, and did some cooking and baking as well, as we were to get together at my sister's for a little cookout.  As it happened, my nephew got a temperature Saturday and we ended up cooking out over here, without my sister or oldest nephew, but my brother-in-law made it over with the two younger nephews, and one of the CPM priests, a friend of our family, came by as well.  It was noisy, as you can well imagine with all the little boys, especially since it was too wet for anyone to go outside, but it was fun.

The Mass for Corpus Christi at the Chapel of Divine Mercy was very beautiful.  It was a Novus Ordo Mass, but all in Latin.  The procession had to be around the inside of the chapel because of the rain, but it was beautiful nevertheless, as was the Benediction.

Some plans for this week:  School planning for the next school year continues.  I used to enjoy this when I only had one child to make lesson plans for, but with 5 on the rolls now it is getting out of hand.  I think I really need to take a look at this book, which I didn't win in Kelly's giveaway (review it for me, Annita!), as something in me has been rebelling against too much structure in the last year or so.  It has been labeled "home-school burnout" by some of my more experienced friends.  I also need to report grades to our umbrella school...yikes, I was supposed to do that over a week ago!

I think we will make a trip into town to go to a couple of thrifts. Gemma has an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow to look at the rash she no longer has.  It took so long to get an appointment that her itchy rash, which she had for over a month, is cleared up.  No doubt it'll probably come back next week!

If the potty I ordered from Amazon arrives soon, we will begin potty training in earnest.  I will stock up on stickers and gummy bears and we shall see if we can get her into underpants before her birthday next month.

I also really, really need to clean out my workroom!  It is a horrid mess, and if I hope to do any sewing, painting or crafting this summer, I will absolutely need to de-junk it and clean up!

If I find a little time for myself, I want on Gabriel's sweater, which I started on Friday.  I also hope to finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

I am grateful for...any day when I don't need to turn on the air conditioning before lunch; several ladybugs on my tomato plants; no ants in my kitchen this morning; the school year winding down.

Special prayer intentions for this week:  for our friends who are trying to sell their farm; for peace and joy; for Gemma, who is driving me nuts with having one little health issue after another; for my own health, that my own issues remain as they have been so far, only inconvenient and/or uncomfortable, but nothing that prevents me from taking care of my family.

Something that makes me smile:  my girls reading together.


  1. I never tire of seeing an older sibling interacting with a younger one. Rachel (17) is a second mother to her younger siblings. Sometimes they go to her first!

    I am looking forward to reading the book and am thrilled to have won a copy. I have always been such an organized, structured person; but something in me has changed in the last few years. I am hoping the book will be a source of encouragement for the direction I feel our homeschooling is taking. If you do not buy a copy, I would be happy to share when I am through reading it!

    God bless!

  2. I love that photo.
    The little way of homeschooling looks very interesting. I'll be looking that one up.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. that looks like a great book! i put it in my shopping cart just now. if you get it before i do, please write a review ;o)



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