Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Musings-20 June 2011

Right now...9:00 a..m.  Breakfast is done, I have a load of laundry ready to go out on the line, the beds are made and rooms tidied, and we are about to begin religion as soon.

This weekend...was busy.  On Saturday I baked a chocolate-peanut butter cheesecake for Father's Day.  I did laundry, cut Gabriel's hair (two haircuts down, two to go) and spent a lot of time on the phone with's customer service.  All I wanted to do was add something to an open order, but it seemed to be giving the poor woman with a heavy Indian accent a lot of trouble.  After 30-odd minutes or so, she offered to give me a promotional code with so-and-so many dollars off my next order, and I agreed to make a separate order of the item I had wanted to add.  It worked out well, as I got the item and the shipping for free!  But my, what a hassle!

The good news is that the coughs and colds seem to be on their way out.  Just some congestion left, but no more medicine needed at night.

The Mass for Trinity Sunday was very nice yesterday at the Chapel of Divine Mercy.  After Mass I was able to chat with a priest friend for a bit, while Una received a little tutoring in algebra from a gentleman there who made the offer to help her if she would bring her notebook on a Sunday.  I thought it rather amusing to see her working on algebraic formulas on a Sunday, at church, over donuts.

At home we had an early dinner of grilled steaks, steamed broccoli and baby new potatoes, a cucumber and tomato salad and the cheesecake for dessert.  It was a nice meal.  We had a really big storm again last night, with some very nearby lightening strikes.  Thankfully the power didn't go out on us.

Some plans for this week:  I didn't do the book lists I'd hoped to last week, but I did finish my curriculum lists and began ordering what I could.  I listed a few things on Cathswap, hoping to get rid of things we don't use and make a few bucks to offset the horrendous cost of books and such this year.  So:  get started on book lists, do two more haircuts.  Contact Acer about my laptop: it is 10 months old and already the built in mouse pad is not functioning.  Make a doctor's appointment for Gemma.  Catch up on some correspondence.  Start doing a bit of loose planning for the coming school year (can't do anything too detailed without having all the books on hand).

If I have some time for myself, I would like to...finish Sebastian's sweater in time for the Yarn Along on Wednesday.

I am grateful for:  an end to coughs; the sun shining this morning; the winding down of this school year; my husband, who listened patiently as I unburdened my soul after bedtime last night; good priests.

Some prayer intentions for the week:  for the health of my family; for continued work for Bret and an opportunity for him to work on the new house; for Bridget to fly through surgery and recovery with ease; for peace in my home and in my soul.

Something that makes me smile:  Una working furiously on a long apologetics blog post.  She seems to be far from done, and she wants to submit it to a priest for accuracy before she puts it on her blog.  This is something she does for fun!
If you would like to do your own Monday Musings, grab the header image for your post if you like, and then link to your post in the comments.  Have a great week.


  1. Can I tell you that I am an a little jealous that you are able to attend Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy?

    Also, for Cathswap, do you find the emails a bit overwhelming to keep up with? I see that this month alone there have been 1662 emails put out. Is there a way to filter through them, so that you can look for only things you want/need?

  2. Yes, Beth, you can actually check or uncheck something on your details and take care of that. I only get an email if someone is contacting me about purchasing something or replying to an inquiry of mine.

  3. The cheesecake sounds amazing! So glad you had a nice day for Father's Day. We gave David a firepit for the patio, and the kids had so much fun making s'mores. David did, too... he's the biggest kid of them all!

    I'm glad the family is doing better, too. You should be very proud of Una. She seems to be a wonderful young lady. I know my kids enjoy her blog.

    Have a good week. +JMJ+

  4. I am so glad you didn't have any damage from the storm. We heard about baseball size hail near you! See you Sunday!

  5. I agree--the cheesecake sounds delicious!

    I'm posting this week-- but that will be it for a few weeks :-)


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