Thursday, June 16, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: 16 June 2011

I am joining Leila of Like Mother, Like Daughter today for this week's {pretty, happy, funny, real}:

We had a brief but violent storm last night, and this morning everything is shrouded in fog.  
This is the view to the east this morning.

And to the southwest.

Seeing these two, who are only a year and a half apart in age, and who fight incessantly, actually sitting together and getting along for 10 minutes makes me very happy.  Adrian is more serious, mature, a thinker, and has a heck of a bad temper and the ability to smolder for long periods.  Dominic is like a spastic puppy: goofy, impulsive to the point of being dangerous, incapable of stillness, affectionate, loving and forgiving.  They are as different as two siblings could be.

Seeing my kids wearing things I knit makes me happy, too.

I am afraid I have no {funny} this week, as I failed to take many photographs.  If I could have chosen a {funny} from this week, I think it might have been Gemma, dressed up by Adrian in a black knight's breastplate and a plastic Batman mask.  She looked quite funny, but the mask was too big, slipped down, and unable to see she tripped and fell.   Was unhurt, thankfully.  Funny, but I just didn't have the camera at the moment.

Dry, hacking, nighttime coughs.  A whole house-full.  It is driving me to distraction and sleeplessness, as I am a "fix it" sort of person, and I get very bent out of shape when I feel utterly helpless.  It scares me that I still have this cough after nearly three weeks, and I worry that my kids won't shake it quickly.  I am going to see if Bret can get some fresh ginger root today without having to drive 30 minutes to find it.


  1. Prayers for good health for all. That first picture is beautiful. I like the brother picture, too. And, Miss Gemma... adorable! +JMJ+

  2. Stopping in from PHFR. I love the foggy photos. So dreamy and cozy.

  3. Beautiful photos!
    I hope you're all feeling better soon! Have you tried some garlic? I usually crush /chop a clove and add about a tablespoon of honey and swallow it down quickly. Chases just about anything away :)

  4. Awesome pictures!! The fog is so pretty. Love the cute vest, you are so talented!!

    ugh - 30 minute drive to find fresh kidding!! I tried to find a real head of leaf lettuce before we moved and came up empty handed. We tried 3 local grocery stores. Had to settle for a packaged iceburge with a lovely brown center. I feel your pain. At least the Amish farms are near by you, or I think you would have to starve!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Glad I found your blog. I'll visit it again for sure.

  6. The vaporizer? Or is it too hot for it? I was about to put mine away, but we've had some cool, damp days where I was feeling crummy - the vaporizer helped!

  7. I so enjoyed your "after the storm" pictures!!! Just beautiful!

  8. that top shot belongs in a contest, friend! or you could make a copy and send it to me so i could admire it it is so hauntingly beautiful!

    so sorry you have the sickies...we keep playing merry(or rather not-so-merry) go-round with this awful flu bug...i'm more than ready to send it on its' "merry" way...

    hope y'all get better soon.
    sending up some extra aves for you and yours.

  9. please feel better soon...I so enjoy your photography!

  10. Love the vest that you knitted! I really enjoyed the after the storm photos.

  11. Thanks, all. I have to say, I have been really inspired over the years by all the great photography I see on the much to aspire to!


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