Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Musings--23 May 2011

Right is 6 a.m. and getting light.  There was a thunderstorm in the wee hours of the morning, but now it is just wind and steady rain.  I have the window open a bit to enjoy the sound of it.  Everyone is still asleep.

This weekend...had its ups and downs.  Saturday was busy.  In the morning, early, I ironed a stack of church clothing, finished a batch of butter, took in laundry off the line and tidied up so that we could leave the house in order when we left to go grocery shopping.  It was a big shopping trip, as I didn't go last weekend, and I am stunned by how much prices have gone up in the last few months.  On the way home I suffered a terrible attack allergies.  Two Benedryl seemed to have no effect, and I felt fairly miserable to bedtime.  Gemma had a runny nose, too, and slept in our room, since she kept waking.

And so yesterday I felt pretty tired.   Mass was lovely, but I can't recall the homily at all, as I was struggling to stay awake and keep Gemma and Dominic from provoking one another (Gemma screams when angry, and the acoustics in the chapel are just wonderful, much to my frequent embarrassment!)

At home I stuck a huge chicken in the oven to roast and worked on my knitting.  I finished Gemma's cardigan and blocked it, and started a gauge swatch (Me? Really?) with the yarn for a sweater I want to make for Sebastian.  I also want to cast on for a dolly sweater for Gemma's birthday doll.

Some plans for the week:  I think this will be a pretty busy week.  I am finally sitting down and working on my menu plan!  I have a "master list" of things I like to make and I am starting to organize them and put them on a planner. I need to finish my cards for the Marian ATC Swap and Una has two more to do as well. I have to  report the kids grades to our umbrella school, and I am working on my curriculum lists for the coming school year.  We will take August off, as we did last year.  This may seem like very little summer break, and it is for me (I sure could use more time off!), but it seems better for the kids, who get rusty and bored when given too much free time.  We take time off as needed during the school year.

I am grateful for...the rain, because I am lazy and don't want to have to water my tomato plants; our cow who gives us milk, butter and yogurt, and our chickens, who are laying well again after a month-long "strike";  my mom's gift of 5lbs of rye flour (some things are really hard to find out in the sticks!); the beauty of Tennessee and Kentucky in the spring; allergy medication.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for Amanda and Gae and their new babies; for Ginny and her baby (still waiting for news of his arrival!); for my nephew Thomas, who was very ill this weekend with a respiratory infection, that he recover speedily; for peace and joy in our home in the midst of much busyness.

Something that makes me smile:  Dominic, who nearly every evening, either during rosary or while we are watching a Netflix, will make "the rounds" and give--or in the case of his brothers, try to give--everyone a hug.

If you want to do your own Monday Musings, go ahead!  Just grab the header image for your post and if you wish, link back here with a comment so that I can find you!


  1. Just stopping by to say, "hello," and to wish you a happy week!

  2. "and the acoustics in the chapel are just wonderful, much to my frequent embarrassment!)" Funny!

    I am grateful for the dampening effect of carpeting and pews with cushions.


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