Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Joyful Sunday at Barren River

This past Sunday was Laetare Sunday, joyful Sunday, on the Catholic liturgical calender.  It is the halfway mark through Lent, and we remind ourselves that mortification done as an act of love will bring us joy, and that the way of the Cross leads not merely to Calvary, but past it, to the Resurrection.

This past Sunday was really lovely.  We went to a Saturday vigil Mass so that we might get an early start Sunday for a family outing.  We packed a lunch and headed out to Barren River Lake State Resort Park (the official name--we refer to it as Barren River State Park).

Hiking a nature trail.  Gemma was on my back in the Ergo.

We really enjoyed seeking out springtime in the woods and other interesting things.  The air was just cool enough to keep us from working up a sweat during the hike.

We got very excited about finding this fairy doorway!

If it was permitted and Bret could have found a way, I think he would have taken this stump home!

The best bit of fun came when we got to the lake.  We are fairly well land-locked here in Tennessee, and of all the kids, only Una has ever been to a real coastal beach, and that was back when she was under two.  So this is the only experience of surf and sand my kids have ever known.  It was especially lovely having the beach all to ourselves; in fact, we hardly saw anyone until we were on out way out!

The moment the kids saw sand, they could not resist for a moment the urge to play with it!

Gemma's first experience of walking barefoot on sand.

The water was still really cold, but how on earth could I expect them to stay out?

Sandy little toes.

Gemma was out before we were all the way out of the park, and the rest of them fell asleep while Bret and I prayed a rosary on the way home.  

Truly, it was a joyful Sunday!

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