Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few shots taken on Easter

A very few, I am afraid.  Photographic evidence of my kids eating way too much candy is not what I like to produce with my camera, and the lighting in our house--other than in the schoolroom--is really awful, and I don't like flash photos.  So there isn't much to show...

We have a number of herons who visit the ponds behind out house, but I was surprised to see this egret on Easter morning.  I don't have a good telephoto lens, so Una grabbed my camera and put on a pair of rubber boots and went to the pond to take a few pictures.

Eggs that the children colored.  

Gemma's first Easter basket.  Very little candy, but still, she ate more candy this Easter than in all her previous 21 months together.  

Easter egg hunt.  Dominic didn't want to gather eggs; he wanted to shove the contents into his mouth as quickly as possible so that I couldn't pick through and confiscate anything.

Gemma and Dominic with a friend.

Sebastian sporting repulsive gummy teeth.  He loves this sort of thing because he can always predict my reaction, which is one of total disgust.  The more disgusted I am, the better he likes it.

Una (in the green dress) with a friend.

This little squishy-face is my Goddaughter!  I wasn't fast enough to catch a huge, crooked grin a moment before taking this shot!

Well, it is an awfully dreary day with steady rain, and we have to go out for groceries.  I'll be back tomorrow for Ginny's Yarn Along, where you can all see how little progress I've made since last week!


  1. Would you please email me where you found her dress, it's lovely. Thank you.

  2. I would gladly, Saedee, but your profile/email won't come up! You can email me, but the scoop on the dress is that it is a Strasburg Child dress in size 14 which I found on eBay for under $20, including shipping, due to the fact that it has a few tiny stains. As I figured, no one noticed!


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