Monday, February 7, 2011

Waldorf doll cleaning tips, anyone...?

"Baby" is looking decidedly grungy, which isn't surprising in the least, seeing as "Baby" is carried around and cherished by a 19 month-old throughout much of each day.

Aside from the monumental difficulty in prying "Baby" away from Gemma long enough to clean her, I am at a loss for the best method of doing so.  She is stuffed with wool, so that pretty much limits me to a surface cleaning I think.  Has anyone out there had much success with the cleaning of these babies?


  1. I have washed a doll like that in the washing machine on delicate inside a pillowcase with no problems at all. Good LUCK! Karen (Pa.)

  2. not sure. i would probably try to do what the first poster said. at least you dont have a baby with a "nose". anna had one of those years ago and I swore I would never buy one again. after just a few weeks of play, her nose was dark brown and never the same again...just say no to noses on waldorf dolls ;o)

  3. I washed mine by hand and ended up with stains on the face. OH I just posted the new doll I made for Sasha's birthday,, it's turned out so cute. Let me know if you find a solution because no doubt I will need one for this little boy.

  4. "I have washed a doll like that in the washing machine on delicate inside a pillowcase with no problems at all."

    We've had a number of Waldorf dolls over the years. Wash them by hand. Machine washing changes the shape of the doll and the repair is difficult, and is never as good as the doll was originally prior to the washing.

  5. For what it's worth. The first waldorf doll we purchased my wife machine washed, and the Waldorf doll repair place couldn't even repair the damage done.

    But my wife did just tell me that if you put the doll in a pillow case on gentle and pull it out for the spin cycle that can work.

  6. Thanks, everyone...I really think I'll do the hand washing. I hand wash my woolies and delicates, so a doll isn't that big a deal. Better safe than sorry!


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