Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, yuck...

This weather is getting more disgusting by the minute.  It's just gross.  And it is affecting everyone's mood here, too, making it very hard to motivate everyone to get school done, and I include myself in that statement.  Everyone is half-mad with cabin fever, and it is getting increasingly difficult to keep blood from being shed, as the kids spar and bicker.  

Speaking of blood,  Dominic and Adrian were playing Star Wars with their light sabers in the living room, when Dominic tumbled backward and banged his head on the old wardrobe.  He nicked his scalp and, naturally, bled profusely all over the carpet, his sweatshirt and his hand.  He recovered quickly, squeezing in between his siblings to watch the blood stains on the carpet fizz up as I poured hydrogen peroxide on them.

We decided to call that science today.


  1. That sounds like a science experiment that John would enjoy!

    Sunday was so beautiful here... spring-like... but we're back to gray dreary days. My husband is in Illinois for the week... have you seen the forecast?!

  2. It is much like this here at our home too. Spring will be here before we know it. Without the cold we would not know how wonderful the warmer days are. Stay cozy and warm:)

  3. So true about the weather. I woke up this morning peculiarly tired. Lovely blog

  4. "We decided to call that science today" - love it!

    Well, it's a lesson that will probably stick with them for a while :-)

  5. I guess all that rain is worse than the snow we have. At least the dogs can go play in the snow :-)
    I love the science lesson!


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