Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A breath of fresh air...

We are having a mild spell, and thank God for that.  My kids are outside, romping around, leaving me time to do my work in peace and quiet.

Poor Gemma--because of the cold and then the mud, she hasn't been out in ages.  She has absolutely no right to look as healthy as she does.

The older kids are getting a bit muddy out there, but do I care?  After weeks of having them indoors 24/7?  Not a chance.

It is amazing how silence and a glass of wine can make even washing dishes and folding laundry seem like a holiday in Waikiki.  Off to cook dinner now, only I will pretend I am at a spa in the Swiss Alps...


  1. Oh, Gemma looks like she could be doing a catalog photo shoot! Adorable!

    Hopie commented on Una's blog today. She is truly my sweetest and most sensitive child - don't tell the others I said that! Although, honestly, I think the older ones would agree with me. She asked me, "Mommy, do you think I could leave a comment. I really like her dress?" Her favorite color is blue. I told her I felt certain you made the dress.

    Have a nice evening. Wishing you more moments of quiet! +JMJ+

  2. she's a cutie and i love, love, love her sweater with the wee mushrooms! and i know that feeling - the kids have played outside all afternoon and i sat in silence and looked at seed catalogs - felt rather decadent ;-)

  3. You are a beautiful knitter, Nadja! We need some spring, don't we? Does your snow get dirty where you live? I actually would prefer snow to gray landscapes, until the snow gets dirty. (We are urban people.) Then everything starts looking very seedy. It's drab!!!! And with all the ice on the ground, the children all over New England have been inside a lot, and they need go outside and run and yell. Hang in there! love, Beth

  4. What a beautiful sweater Gemma is wearing. The mushrooms make it extra cute. We had a touch of nice weather today and the kids played outside for the first time in weeks. Thank goodness for the weather improving!

  5. Oh! that is seriously adorable...did you needle felt it on?
    Love it right back at ya!


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