Friday, December 17, 2010

More making and baking...

OHMIGOSH!  Are we really only a week from Christmas Eve?  I am only just over half done with my baking, and I haven't wrapped a single thing, the tree hasn't been purchased and, well...I am mysteriously calm about it all.  Must be the grace of God...

It has been a productive week, anyway, in spite of the fact that I had to take some time out for eating, sleeping and caring for my dear children.

I really enjoyed making this little church, the pattern saved from an old Martha Stewart Living Christmas issue.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  It really sparkles, and I left a hole beneath it for a battery powered tea light, so its vellum windows glow.  I guess it's about six inches tall.

Stockings for the nephews and niece.  Remember the scrap of "Believe" fabric you sent me last year, Regan?

It is a good kind of busy.  I'm off now for a cup of tea and then decorating some of the cookies baked this week.  Have a good weekend!

Oh, and don't forget to take a look at Natural Suburbia for Creative Friday.  It is astounding what creativity there is out there!  I'm full of ideas for next year...


  1. Wow, I wanna come to your house for Christmas! Look at all those cookies, and you're not done! Wishing you a happy weekend. We have another family gathering, and then I will spend Monday through Thursday doing nothing but baking... wrapping is done, thank goodness. +JMJ+

  2. i just found a little remnant of that fabric the other day...and i thought...was that really a year ago? where does the time go?
    such cute little stockings you've made!
    i am itching to do some Christmas sewing but i don't have the energy for it...just looking at all that baking you did makes me tired. and my kids are going to want to bake too..and really, i am not avoiding it in a bah humbug sort of way. it's more like i am still riding this peaceful lull of advent...but if i keep this up it could be quite possible to miss Christmas altogether!
    sophia calls me the procrasti-santa. i have this bad habit of putting things off until there is serious pressure to perform. it is a horrible character flaw!
    anyhow..happy eating all those yummies, dear friend! i bet your house smells heavenly!

  3. Just popped over from Natural Suburbia. I love all the cookies you've baked. How much time you must have spent baking! I feel inspired to make a few tins of cookies to give as presents.

  4. Actually, Cheryl, I make up a batch or two of cookie dough and freeze it. I will do this until I have 6 or 7 varieties. Then I will have baking days when I bake up a few batches of cookie dough. I find it a lot easier to do this way!


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