Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Musings--December 13, 2010

Right is 6:00 a.m., dark, and the wind is howling outside.  Nearly everyone is asleep still, although I just heard someone go into the bathroom.

This weekend...was busy, but not too crazy.  I managed two more batches of cookie dough, finished the chenille scarf (still have some decorating to do on it), made a few ornaments for the Jesse Tree and took the creches down from the attic crawlspace.  I also got a few more Christmas cards out.

We went to Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy, which was so good--there are always a couple of priests hearing confessions before and after Mass, which is something I really miss whenever I go to Mass elsewhere.  The parishes which are in the hands of the Fathers of Mercy all have this benefit.  No having to squeeze confession into your Saturday!

We stopped at Walmart on the way home, which was a bit of a pain, as we are having a winter storm, and everyone was there clearing milk and bread off the shelves, no doubt in preparation for being snowed-in (it really isn't that much snow; I grew up in Bavaria, and had to march to school even when the snow was knee-deep.  This is only a couple of inches, higher in the drifts, but Southerners panic).

We had lunch and I worked on Christmas gifts while the kids watched Toy Story 3 from Netflix.  In the evening, we lit up our nativity scene and our Advent wreath and ate lots of cookies from Aldi (they have all sorts of German goodies this time of year).  I haven't a big sweet-tooth, but after having no sweets all week, it sure did taste wonderful!

This week I plan some serious baking (I have a lot of cookie dough, but haven't baked anything yet); finish Una's scarf (I am hoping I can learn to knit roses in a hurry); send out more Christmas cards and work on a few more gifts and Jesse Tree ornaments.  I need to finish up all the gifts so that I can clear up my work room for gift-wrapping activities!  Towards the end of the week, we will have to go looking for a Christmas tree.  Unfortunately, with Gemma being at a grabby age, I think we will have to go back to a table-top tree this year if we don't want to lose any ornaments...

Today we will have cinnamon rolls for breakfast, since I didn't get my act together for the St. Lucia buns.  I am hoping, in the midst of my busyness, to make some snow ice cream with the kids.

I am praying for...the grace to have a really lovely Advent.  I have a lot to do, and I don't want to get all bent out of shape over the externals of Christmas.  All the annual rush and fuss has made me seriously consider doing what Ginny does, and just give small gifts and treats in stockings on Christmas and save the great gift exchange for Epiphany.  It would certainly help keep the Feast of the Nativity more holy.

I am also praying for work for Bret, but work that will keep him close to home.  I have gotten used to having him near, and it would be hard to have him working a commute away in a job without any flexibility.

Something that makes me smile:  kids braving 16-degree temperatures to play in the first real snow of the season!


  1. When we lived in Ohio, people panicked like you wouldn't believe, over two inches of snow. And don't get me started about the SnowStorm of 2003 (back to back 12 + inches dropped on the city of Columbus) and the city's complete inability to plow anything for four - five days AFTER the last snow. I had a friend of mind staying on various friend's couches because she could not get down her street for close to a week. When the city plowed downtown, they pushed the snow to the corner of intersections. This made for downtown driving to be quite, ah, interesting.

    I guess I got myself started on that one ;)

    I grew up in Michigan and seem to recall snow days were very seldom and often times just for cold not for snow.

  2. Lucky kids... we had a dusting last night after the little ones had gone to bed, and it was gone before they got up this morning! I teased them that I went out and played in it while they were sleeping! :) +JMJ+


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