Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Musings--November 15th, 2010

Right Now...5:50 a.m. and chilly.  I have the wall heater (propane) on in the dining area to take out the chill, so I am hearing it click on and off.  I wish we had a wood stove!

This weekend...was pretty good.  We ran our errands on Friday (always nice to beat the weekend crowds!), and on Saturday Una and Sebastian had their last art class, and I went with the younger kids to my sister's, to enjoy the company of their cousins, while I enjoyed the company of my sister.

Another electronic item went wonky this weekend, joining the VCR and the CD player: the focus through the eyepiece on my camera.  The focus still works through the LCD screen, but everything is fuzzy looking into the camera.  I thought that the loss of the CD player was heart-breaking!  Well, at least I can still take pictures...I just can't really tell if they are focused until after I take them!

Big news (well, for us, anyway): we sold Naomi, one of our milk cows.  We are keeping our beloved Nuala and her granddaughter, Fiona.  The plan is to use some of the money to buy a beef calf, and the rest will take care of Christmas and some bills.  Bret also sold a composter and a box blade, making it a pretty profitable weekend.  I think, however, that it was the last of the really mild weather for a while; no more afternoons in the low 70's, I think!  In the evening we watched a Brother Cadfael mystery from Netflix.

Sunday we opted for Mass in Gallatin, as our friend, Fr. Tom Sullivan, CPM, was homilist.  He is preaching a parish mission there this week.  At home I had hoped to get some knitting in (I am very close to completing Gemma's pullover), but it wasn't to be.  Instead I tidied up, looked up a few things on the internet (Christmas related) and read the rest of The Willoughbys to Sebastian.

Some plans for the week...busy this morning.  I have to start a batch of butter, put away laundry that has been sitting in the basket, folded, for two days, pay some bills and run a short errand with Bret (nice for me, not so nice for the kids--I can leave the older kids home with my mother-in-law so that their schooling won't be interrupted!).  This week will be largely about getting a few things done in preparation for Advent and Gabriel's birthday at the end of the month.  I have so many craft ideas and so little time.  And I am having such a rough time thinking of affordable gifts for everyone!!!  I can only make so many gifts!

If I can find a little time for myself, I want some of the aforementioned crafts!

Special prayer intentions for the week...for our Godson John, who shares a birthday (his 6th!) with me today; for his family, which is going through some trying times right now; for our yet-to-be-born Goddaughter and her family; for more work to come in for Bret and for a healthy family during the winter months.

Something that makes me smile:  Being 47 years old today and having a baby.  When my paternal Grandmother was my age, I was nine years old! (Forgive the lousy webcam shot!  Spontaneity won out over quality last night!)

I'm not whining or anything, but using a Mr. Linky Widget is kind of a pain for the two or three ladies who join me here on Mondays, soooo....ladies (you know who you are!), just leave your link in the comments, eh?  And thanks for joining in!  If anyone else cares to join in, just grab the header image and leave a link to your Monday Musings post in the comments.


  1. To a beautiful, young lady! Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with all thing wonderful and another year filled with His grace and blessings!

  2. Happy birthday! You are beautiful, Mama! +JMJ+

  3. JMJ

    Happy Birthday from all the Vincent's especially your Godson!!! Thanks for the prayers.

    Love and prayers,

  4. I didn't do a Musings post today, I was helping at Allyson's school all morning making real applesauce from real apples, not "the jar stuff". :) I hope you had a wonderful birthday, filled with lots of hugs from the kids and snuggles from little Gemma (who's getting to be not so little).


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