Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Musings--October 11th, 2010

Right now...5:46 a.m., dark and quiet, but for our roosters crowing and a pack of coyotes making that weird noise they make.

This weekend...was busy, but had some really nice moments.  Saturday was busy, busy, busy as always.  Bret was working all day, but dropped Una and Sebastian off at the library for their bi-monthly art class.  I stayed home with the younger kids and did laundry, pulled out winter clothing and put away summer clothing, baked pumpkin bread, made butter, and put up a beef bone broth (it ought to be pretty good; I simmered it for 14 hours!).  Before bed I managed to get a couple of hours of knitting in. Gemma has been sleeping pretty well lately.  She has slept through the night for three nights now, and hasn't nursed in 3 days.  I guess that means she is weaned.  So why am I not happy...?

Yesterday the celebrant at Mass was
 Fr. David Wilton, CPM, who gave a lovely homily on the need for gratitude in all circumstances of life.  Afterward, we went to a park with my friend Cindy's family and had lunch together.  With fifteen kids to feed, we didn't talk very much, but it was nice to be together anyway.  I was upset with myself, however, for having forgotten my camera.

In the early evening I had a fright:  all the kids were out in front playing, and I suddenly heard Dominic's crying in the distance.  I ran to the smaller pasture behind Bret's shop and Dominic was on his side, on the ground, propping himself up on his elbow, with his ankle pinned beneath a section of telephone pole which Bret had stacked (they had been fence posts on the property, and Bret had pulled them out).  Dom had climbed on them, and they had rolled and collapsed beneath him.  Amazingly, his ankle wasn't broken or even badly bruised.  Thank you Holy Guardian Angels.  We are nearly 30 minutes from the ER.

Some plans for the I have to finish that broth by skimming the fat off and straining it.  I should have about four quarts to put into the freezer.  I also need to finish a batch of butter that is in the fridge, still sitting in buttermilk.  I need to do some more laundry, as there is a chance of rain later this week and I like to hang things out when I can.  I am hoping to go for a walk with the kids to pick out some lovely autumn leaves (they are really coming into color now) to dip in wax and use to decorate the school room, as we did last year.

If I find some time for myself, I want to...write a few cards to people and continue my knitting/ sewing frenzy. I want to make Gemma a little corduroy skirt from the red corduroy I have left from her pants.  I also want to order some novelty flannel for pajamas and help Una with the things she is making for the boys for Christmas.

Some special prayer intentions...for our good friend Dale, who has a birthday this week; for the repose of the soul of my grandfather, Gene, who would have been 90 yesterday (10-10-10); for the protection of my children's innocence and purity in a society so opposed to anything innocent and pure; for all expectant mamas (and it seems I know a number of them right now) and for those mamas contemplating abortion, that they may opt to let their children live.

Something that makes me smile...the way every afternoon our Rhode Island Red roosters come around to the school room door and peer inside, and Gemma moves away from the door and peeks at them...
If you care to join in and share your past weekend and plans for the week ahead, grab the header image and link your post back here.  Hope you have a wonderful week!

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