Thursday, September 9, 2010

This week

Seems like I'm still on a blogging break, doesn't it?  Actually, it has been a very full week, and not much time to sit by myself and blog.  My dad came in on Monday before lunch, and we have been enjoying his company.  He is the one from whom my sister and I inherited our creative genes, and it makes it a lot of fun for the kids to have him around.  They are busily sculpting, drawing, painting, building and whatnot.  And the weather has been divine.

The last of the butterfly larvae hatched, and we released the last of five swallowtails.  And we have a wee baby turtle (I don't think the little guy will make it, sadly) and one unhatched turtle egg we are keeping an eye on.

School?  Oh...well, we did do placement tests for spelling this week, and I printed out some sheets for next week.  Otherwise it has been limited to Art and Nature Study.

We made some blue and white frosted cupcakes for the birthday of Mary yesterday, but since it was also the feast of St. Adrian, we decorated each with a blue "A".  I forgot to take photos, not that they were all that photo-worthy.

Gemma is walking all over the place.  Unfortunately, her over-active bowel seems to have returned after a five-day break.  I am trying to work out whether it is a sudden food allergy (there is nothing new in her diet), with milk going first.  So far, no change.  Ten or so diaper changes a day, and every one of them poopy.  Changing dirty diapers in the middle of the night again, too.  If it is possible for a person to die of sleep deprivation, I just might, although I keep reminding myself that I have done this with newborns six times and I can survive this kind of thing again.  Last night I went to bed at 8:30 and wouldn't you know it, I couldn't sleep.  Up until 10:30, then Gemma woke up at 11:30 and Dominic got me up at 12:30.

Some folks around here have absolutely no trouble sleeping.  Even with koalas stuffed up their shirts.

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  1. Hi Nadja! This is my third attempt. When I press publish, it says there is a service error.

    I think it is wonderful that your dad is spending real quality time with the kids!

    I am sorry to hear about Gemma, and very sorry to hear that you are not getting adequate sleep! We have a cold going through the house, and Marin is nursing ALL night long despite having to "pop off" every few seconds to breathe.

    You are in my prayers! +JMJ+


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