Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 97

We have survived the first week of school!  Yes, today is a school day, but I keep a light schedule on Fridays, as do many homeschoolers.  I managed to keep up with the laundry and prepare a decent dinner each night.  And the kids have not yet asked me when their next vacation is!

In spite of these successes, I am still really fighting to find time in the day after school is done to do things like help Una make costumes (her Christmas presents for her brothers), sew up winter pants for Gemma, work on   my knitting, bake or do other things.  The trouble is that the children's writing, spelling, history, science and religion all require my time.  And the writing and spelling are all separate, as is the bit of time I put aside for Adrian.  Then there is the stuff I must look over for Una (she corrects her own math and grammar work).  With a half hour break for snack and recess, and an hour at lunch, we are still doing school until 2:30, and then use another hour for music or art or read-alouds before I start on dinner (we eat early--about 5:30).  I would have Una do work with Adrian, since she finishes her work first, but he is eager to go first thing and doesn't want to wait until after lunch.  This is why nearly every year we end up dropping all but the core subjects at some point.  I am determined to hang in there this year as best I can!

Our CD player has bitten the dust.  Only months before Christmas.  Drat.  Without a replacement, there will be no cozy evenings of baroque music, no books on CD and no Christmas music.

As much as I adore autumn and cooler weather, looming in the back of my mind is the dreaded Changing of the Wardrobe.  I would rather clean my oven AND scrub the bathtub.  Everything is in bins in an attic crawlspace, and I bash my brains out multiple times twice a year trying to get the winter stuff out and the summer stuff put away.  Then there is the trying on:  does this fit so-and-so, or must it be put back in the bins until another child grows into it?  It is a week-long process, and a hateful one.

Flu season has many people running for shots.  Don't do it: apparently this year's vaccine will have the swine flu vaccine as part of it (hm...are they trying to use up the leftovers from our non-pandemic last year?), and Europe has been seeing some cases of narcolepsy in teens who were vaccinated with it last year.  There are just too many potential problems and not enough study being done with these vaccines.  Instead, eat well, rest well, take your vitamins (especially D-3, but it is best to have your levels tested, since it can be toxic in too-high doses), wash your hands, avoid crowds and trust in God!

I am off to the lab today to have some blood drawn, to see what is up with this thrush I can't seem to kick.  Say an "Ave" for me.  I feel fine in every other way (tired, yes, but I've been tired since Una was born), but this thing is becoming a bother, and I worry about passing it back to Gemma.  Garlic, vitamin C, GSE, cider vinegar and prayer are apparently not having any effect, so I need to try something in addition to what I am doing.  I am very nervous about the whole thing, as the next medication they would prescribe is a category C, which means I would have to wean Gemma and be very, very careful about pregnancy.  I really do not like putting toxic things into my body.  If I did, I'd go get a flu shot...

Gemma has developed the Prima Donna Scream to a high art form.  Whenever any of us do something she doesn't like, or thwart her in her desires, she lets out a single, high-pitched shriek that can send our poultry running for cover.  I certainly don't spoil her at all, but she is used to being indulged by all her doting siblings (except for Dominic, whom she supplanted as Baby of the Family).  She has also discovered what each previous baby and toddler eventually found out: family rosary time is also Baby Comedy Showcase.  She pulls out all the stops and does her cutest, funniest and most irresistible stuff during this time when the bunch of us are all assembled.  She obviously thinks that we gather to watch her perform.  It makes a quiet, recollected rosary an impossibility.

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  1. 4 I don't have enough clothes to require moving things around by season, but I did the kids' drawers this week. One of the many jobs I detest. :)

    #7, prima donna--oh, how I sympathize with you! My two little ones (who are all but twins for a brief time now until the baby surpasses his big sister, who has DS) compete for this honor in our house.

  2. Continued prayers! Gemma is precious, and the baby of the family usually is a bit of a performer... I know Marin is... she's always ready for the camera and is quite the charmer! God bless... +JMJ+

  3. My baby boy, who is about Gemma's age, has just started saying Mama but unfortunately he always says it in horrible scream especially when I am not getting him his food fast enough. Very hard to take! I think he learned it from his older sister.

    As far as a CD player, we got one at Good Will recently that works just fine. Just a thought.

  4. Congratulations on finishing the first week of school. We've had two now. It feels good to be back in the routine.

    I was wondering if you would have any use for random skeins of yarn. I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to some day learn to knit or crochet and she loaded me down with nice yarn she's picked up over the years at yard sales, but I am not going to learn to knit or crochet any time soon, I fear, so if you could make use of it, let me know. I'd love for it to be useful.

  5. Congrats on finishing the first week of school--and I'm so sorry about the CD player!! That sounds like such a lovely Christmas tradition.

    That is so cute about the making costumes!! I love that.

  6. Have you tried gentian violet for the thrush? I had the same drawn-out experience and the violet cured it in three days. If your pharmacy doesn't have it over the counter, you can have it prescribed (even though it is made of flowers) or I bought it on ebay.


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