Friday, September 10, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 96

Dad has left us this morning after having spent only a few days here.  It was so nice, especially for the kids, who, for that time, had a grown-up drawing, sculpting and listening to them in a way I am frequently too busy to do.  We were blessed with lovely weather all week, and even though we spent all our time just hanging out around the house, it was perfect.  

I am gearing up for school to begin in earnest next week.  I am determined to make it a joyful, relaxed school year, although I know that it cannot always be so.  Still, I really hope that we will have a good time of it.  I think what can make it so is good meal planning (with lots of quick and/or pre-made frozen meals) and plenty of cooperation from the kids with cleaning.  That'll mean more time for me to spend doing things with them, and hence less time for them to bicker.  

Of course, there's that marvelous saying:  Want to make God laugh?  Tell Him your plans...

Still trying to figure out if Gemma has a food allergy.  It is driving me nuts changing diapers all day, and I have given up on cloth diapers for the time being.  She has many, many bowel movements a day, and they are all a bit thin and mucousy (more information than you want, I'm sure), but she seems to suffer absolutely no discomfort.  She is happy as a lark and doing fine in every other respect, and food allergies don't really run in the family.  Anyway, we have eliminated just about all dairy--not something we like to do, since we have Jersey milk cows--and are waiting for a change.  If nothing changes, on we move to wheat products.

This cooler weather is wonderful.  And not just because my last electric bill nearly put me into Freak-Out Mode.  Autumn is truly my favorite season.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it leads to winter, my least-favorite season.  But cooler days, chilly nights, bread in the oven, soup on the stove, colorful leaves and geese honking overhead all make me feel very cozy.  I am by nature a homebody, and home never feels more cozy to me than in autumn.  Today it is raining for the first time in what seems ages.  The day after I finally watered my basil plants, wouldn't you know...

Gee whiz, I was hoping to be done with Christmas shopping by the end of October.  I will be lucky if I am done with deciding what I'm giving everyone for Christmas by that time.  I hate it when I fall short of my own expectations...

My kids are lately obsessed with dressing up as Narnians or various folks from The Lord of the Rings.  I have a feeling that some of our Christmas presents of the homemade variety will reflect this recent interest.  Here's hoping that the interest lasts more than two months...

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  1. Bella went through a long period of time (months) with the runs. When she hit about 18 months it just kind of stopped. I don't know what caused it but she no longer has the problem.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth, thank you for telling me about Bella's period with a similar problem, and that it has passed on its own. I am now hopeful that this is just a phase of "immature gut" and not an allergy!

  3. Autumn is my favorite season as well... I think it is for many. You left out pumpkin spice cappuccinos!
    However, it is still HOT here. The kids are in the pool, and Marin is asking to join them now that she is up from her nap. Soon though... I am noticing that I am feeling chilled at night and pulling the blanket up around me while sleeping. Have a good one! +JMJ+

  4. I'm touched to hear about your dad's visit. Sounds like it was really nice.

  5. I love this time of year and falling back into the routines. I still have an energy surge this time of year even though I don't go to school anymore! The cooling weather helps, too! You have lots of good intentions listed in this posting! Good luck! Beth


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