Friday, August 6, 2010

Dominic is Four

I couldn't possibly leave a gap on my blog where my youngest son's birthday should be, so here I am, checking in with a few highlights.

First of all, I was so touched by the fact that this hyperactive, very emotional little guy could be so patient.  On Wednesday, the morning of his birthday, I explained at breakfast that we would not be celebrating on that day, as Papa had to work.  I told him that his cake and presents would be a bit late, but that I would bake some chocolate chip cookies for him to hold him over.  He was fine with that.

We celebrated yesterday, and I felt rather badly that his gifts were so meager and not of the best quality (read: purchased at Walmart) due to some financial constraints, and again, he blew me away...he was so very delighted by his few little gifts and kept hugging me all evening, telling me how happy he was.  And he was generous!  Allowing his brothers to play with his new things.  Anyway, it gave me a deeper appreciation for this little person who can be so very enervating most of the time.

The birthday boy, napping in his sister's bed.

Happy and excited to be four!

Cake...sorry I couldn't manage an Allosaurus cake, Dominic!

Opening presents

Dear, sweet baby boy, I love you so much!  Who knew that on your birthday, I would be the one receiving such beautiful gifts?  You are so special...Happy, happy birthday, Dominic Joseph!


  1. He's so beautiful, Nadja - both inside and out. Happy birthday, Dominic!

  2. Aw! Happy birthday, Dominic! We are actually celebrating John's 6th b-day today, even though it is actually tomorrow. His cousins are here for pizza, cake, and swimming. You know I'll be e-mailing you pictures! ;) His middle name is Joseph, too. Thrilled to see you back... even if temporarily! +JMJ+

  3. Dear Nadja,
    Happy Birthday to your Dominic.
    I find our children amazing, when we have had tight situations it isn't the presents that matter but the time and celebration of the event.
    It is a true gift to us as well that they are like this. It is one of the moments I treasure as I am sure you do too.

  4. Sweet photos...sweet memories...sweet boy now 4...Happy birthday, a wee bit late to your big boy!


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