Thursday, July 22, 2010

St. Mary Magdalen--Penitent

My confirmation patroness.  There is a wonderful page on her at Fisheaters with Biblical facts about her, a little guide for blending perfumes for household use (today is apparently a traditional day for this), and a recipe for madeleines--more associated with Proust theses days than with St. Mary Magdalen.


  1. Good morning! Later today, when I have more time, I will look at the page you suggested. St. Mary Magdalen is my patroness as well. I pray for her intercession daily!

  2. my confirmation patroness too.
    for various reasons.
    i love this picture.
    i can relate to it so well.
    loving HIM from afar.
    that penetrating look that brings one to their knees.
    i'd wash HIS feet with my hair if i could.
    yet i complain so often about the sweet crosses He sends.
    i wish i could always choose the better part...
    st. mary magdalene, pray for us.

  3. I took her as my patroness because she was neither virgin nor martyr, and because I, too, had been delivered of many demons, coming to be baptized at 33 as I was.

    She is so often depicted at the Lord's feet, where I want to be...there, and at the foot of the cross. I would like to love Him as she does, with deep and passionate abandon. I ask her to intercede for me, that my small, stony, selfish heart may be enlarged...

  4. Hi Nadja, The second paragraph of your comment is exactly the reason that St. Mary Magdalen is my patroness. I could not have said it any better. Your blogger identity "Nadja Magdalena" is actually what prompted me to visit your blog for the first time... now, you cannot get rid of me! ;)


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