Friday, July 2, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 87

We are enjoying some absolutely perfect weather right now.  The humidity must be way down, and the mornings are downright chilly.  I love it!  I have allowed the kids to pretty much goof off from school (we are only two weeks from vacation anyway) so that they can go outside and enjoy not sweating.  We really don't get this kind of weather until late September, so it must be enjoyed while it lasts.  Carpe diem!

The children took the opportunity of having the day off yesterday and spent just about the entire day writing and rehearsing a short musical, which they performed in the afternoon.  My kids have never had the benefit of music lessons, but they did quite an admirable job with the songs.  And I'll tell you, Gabe looks kinda cute in drag (hey, we have only one girl old enough to sing and dance in this house...).  

I am going to compose a list this weekend of things to do during our vacation that cost little or nothing.  We are on a really tight budget right now--I am even putting off ordering the coming year's curriculum--but I don't want vacation to be without a few real highlights.  We have the creek for some wet fun, but I really want to get a couple of tents on craigslist so that we can camp out--even if only on our own property.  We do have a zoo membership, which will pay for itself after a second trip to the zoo.  But the internet is such a wonderful resource for ideas, and I figure that if I list a few dozen indoor and outdoor activities, some that require supervision and some that do not, we ought to have less of a problem with boredom and the inevitable whining for videos.  We will, however, keep up with practicing our reading and doing a daily 5-minute Calculadder drill, just so that no one gets too rusty...

Gemma will be a year old on the 14th, and she is thwarting my plans already.  I had planned to make this cute bib for her birthday, but she refused to wear bibs.  And so much for taking photos of her wearing any sort of birthday crown.  She refuses to wear anything on her head as well.  Drat.

We have rescued a mole this morning from Max, who is mightily offended at having his nice little furry plaything taken from him.  The mole is confused and terrified, but unhurt, and I think he'll be fine once he can get down deep enough to avoid the dog.  I can't look at a mole without thinking of The Wind in the Willows.  I love the mole in that...
For three nights in a row, Gemma has nursed only once at night.  This is down from two to three times per night.  It's really nice, but it also makes me sad, as it is a reminder that my baby is getting older and I will most likely not pass this way again.  With all the anxieties, frustrations, exhaustion and guilt that come with motherhood, I really love it, and it has come to define who I am.  All things must pass, and with me turning 47 this year, and Bret turning 51, we have hung on to the "making babies" phase of life a lot longer than most people.  I feel blessed to have had three babies between 35 and 40, and three more between 40 and 45.  But  honestly, were I turning 40 this year instead of 47, and were our financial situation a bit different, I would think about having another baby...or two.  

On that rather melancholy note, and on this strikingly beautiful morning I leave you.  If I do not make it back here this weekend, have a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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  1. Good morning, Nadja... I can certainly relate to your #6. I had babies in my 20's, 30's, and 40's. I know I am blessed, but truth be told, I feel quite melancholy lately knowing that the chance of another is quite slim. Oh, and Marin refuses to wear a bib and always has! Enjoy your weekend... peace and prayers. +JMJ+

  2. Most of my kids have refused to wear bibs. I think once they see that the big kids don't wear them, they don't want to either.

    Good for you planning actual vacation-y fun for the kids -- even on a budget. This summer, my kids are getting very little from me since I hardly feel like moving most of the time -- although they probably consider the video time I've been letting them have the best treat ever.

  3. As for #3 you are always welcome to come over and pull weeds for entertainment.

    I have a small tent... one man... two kids I would imagine, a sleeping bag and a Boy Scout chow kit, (plate and utinsels). All borrowable. Could be some fun for somebody.


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