Saturday, July 17, 2010

Asking for your prayers

One of the nicest young men I know, a Deacon on his way to being ordained a diocesan priest for the Diocese of Tyler, Texas next year, recently sent out this email:

"Dear Friends,
My sister, Colleen, who is an emergency room medical doctor in Dallas,
had an incident the other day. She was treating a Hepatitis C patient
when a large needle that was in the Hep C patient ended up in my
sister. Colleen has to wait until August 12th to find out if she now
has Hep C. The Hep C patient my sister treated was a drug addict, so
that patient is being tested for other diseases, such as AIDS. If
those tests prove positive, Colleen will have to wait 6-12 months to
find out if these various other diseases have incubated in her.

"Colleen has remained positive, despite the horrific circumstances, by
praying Matthew 15:13 'He answered, "Every plant which my heavenly
Father has not planted will be rooted up."' I beg you to join Colleen
in this prayer."

Please offer up prayers for Colleen if you would.  I asked permission to solicit your prayers on this blog, and received grateful approval.


  1. I will place her on our prayer vine. Hope you are having a nice weekend. God bless!


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