Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Musings--June 21st, 2010

Right now:  6:28 and the sun is up, struggling to shine through my finger-smeared windows.    I think I need to invite one of our priests for dinner so that I can motivate myself to dust and clean windows...

This past weekend...was busy and pleasant.  Saturday was all about shopping, first at Goodwill, then for groceries.  Gemma is in need of summer clothes.  So funny: after 4 boys in a row, I am so used to hand-me-downs that I never need to buy but the odd pair of shoes or pack of socks for the youngest.  With the 10 year gap between the girls, I have to buy just about everything for Gemma!  I didn't find much at all, and was sorely disappointed.  I did find a couple of nice things in 2 and 3T which I am setting aside, but otherwise I found nothing.  

Yesterday Sebastian got some severe abdominal cramps about 30 minutes before we needed to leave for Mass.  I fear I have more than one child with IBS.  Anyway, he couldn't go anywhere and so Bret left with the kids, except for Sebastian and Gemma.  For a while I was wondering if I would need to get Sebastian to the ER, as he was in such agony and he is generally no wimp about pain.  Thankfully the whole episode finally passed, and he was fine.

My mom stopped by and we were able to have a quiet conversation.  This all ended as soon as the kids and Bret returned.  Dominic came blaring in like a siren and that was pretty much my mother's cue to slowly make her way to the door...

For Father's Day, we gave Bret this book (must be good--Mother Teresa endorsed it) and the whole first season on DVD of I Dream of Jeanie.  We love these old TV programs.  We have The Andy Griffith Show and Green Acres (three seasons!) on DVD, and they get played all the time.  

Some plans for this week:  Continue with school and make some more decisions about curriculum for the coming school year;  wash my floors and windows (I keep putting off windows--it's so darn hot out, that I don't even want to open a window after 7:00 a.m.).  I have four weeks until our summer break, and I would like to have my curricula at least chosen, if not ordered, by then.  Then I could use the summer break to figure out a lesson plan (great break, eh?).  I dread it...I have to start Adrian in Kindergarten this year, and he is very independent.  I fear we will have quite a number of confrontations as we begin.

If I can find some time for myself, I want to... finish Una's period dress.  But first I will have to take some fabric and do about two dozen button holes.  I can't shake my fear of them (my first dress, mind you), and I think that if I don't get to them soon, Una may well outgrow the dress!  I also am looking for a new knitting project...

Special prayer intentions:  for my grandfather, who is breathing his last, apparently.  I have not heard anything this morning, but as of yesterday was not expected to last the night. 

Something that makes me smile: the way Ruthie seems to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence...
Hooray!  After weeks of procrastination, I have finally got a Mr. Linky widget!  Now both of you (you know who you are) can officially join me!  Anyone else is welcome, too.  Just grab the image header for yourself, post your own Monday Morning Musings (anytime on Monday is fine!) and link to your post below.  Have a great week!


  1. Good morning! If I had a blog, I would join you on your Monday Morning Musings... but that is probably never going to happen!

    Prayers for your grandfather. We got David seasons 2 & 3 (he has season 1) of Magnum. He watches very little television, but this is one of his favorites.

    My oldest son has IBS, and it can cause him serious stomach problems. Not fun!

    Have fun washing windows! Peace and prayers... +JMJ+

  2. Nadja, I have more girl things in more sizes than I can possibly use on one child, thanks to my having a mom who likes to go to yard sales. If you let me know what size(s) you need for Gemma and what sorts of things, I could pretty easily put together a box.

  3. Jordana, I would be so grateful if you could put a few things aside for Gemma! Will Email you!

  4. AH! I'm sorry! I'm going to join you tomorrow for monday morning musings =) I've been taking an online class which has been keeping me busy... =)


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