Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Successes--volume 66

1)  I have made a start at reorganizing my household binder.  Actually, I seem to be forever doing either one of two things with my binder; that is, I'm either reorganizing it, or I am ignoring it completely...

2)  In a moment this week when "the little guys" (Dominic and Adrian) were driving me insane, oscillating between boisterous play and arguments accompanied by lots of yelling and shrieking, I suppressed  my temptation to put on a video for them, and instead I pulled out water, paints, paper towels, liquid watercolors and watercolor paper, and I demonstrated the "wet-on-wet" technique.  They were [relatively] quiet and occupied for the next 45 minutes.  And I wasn't left feeling guilty!

3)  I sewed up my first muslin for the bodice of the regency dress I will attempt to make for Una, and I am so glad I did!  It turns out that I had to widen the armholes and neck for her.  Now I think, after adjusting the pattern, that I am ready to cut into my actual dress fabric.  First tell me, who is the patron saint of seamstresses?  I really want this to turn least well enough for Una to wear around here!

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