Thursday, May 20, 2010

Small Successes--volume 66--Take Two

Since Danielle Bean missed the boat last week, we are doing Volume 66 of Small Successes a second time around.  She admitted that it just slipped her mind!  Isn't it great?  Now I know she really is a homeschooling mom...

1)  I finally ordered a new Mei Tai-style baby carrier on eBay.  Gemma still loves to be carried about, and I don't mind having her in my sling on my hip, but it really limits me.  My hope is that I can cook and do dishes with her on my back so that I am not forced to sit her on the floor and allow her to watch videos with her siblings.  Of course, she really likes to mess with my hair, so I may have to shave my head or something...

2)  I am working on Una's regency style dress, and am making some progress!  Yes, I've had to rip out and resew a couple of seams, but I am being mighty patient with myself since I have never sewn anything more complex than an apron before.  I now have the lining pinned to the bodice, with the piping in between.  I am hoping I will only have to do this once, as pinning it all together was a pain.

3)  Tomatoes and herb bed are mulched, with many thanks to my kids, who went out to the pasture to pick up the composted hay from where the big bales had been this winter.  This rotted hay/manure stuff peels off in layers, and you can lay it like a mat around the plants.  Really great stuff.  Una thought me a bit weird for getting all excited about mulch.  She and her brothers probably think me even weirder for paying them $1.50 per Radio Flyer wagon-load for the stuff.

Another success, although not mine:  Bret seems to have finally eradicated the ant invasion in my kitchen and pantry.  They have been worse than ever this year, and seem to have been able to follow the honey and chocolate milk powder no matter where I hid it.  They were making me crazy!  And ant baits in every drawer and cabinet had little effect.  The man carefully put boric acid in a few hidden, choice spots and I have only seen one ant, looking a bit lost, so far this morning.  Hurrah!

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  1. That is so awesome about your garden (we are starting to harvest here :). I'm glad Gemma likes the carrier. All of mine hated them!

  2. Boric acid??? Is THAT the key? Our ant invasion has turned into an all-out take-over. It's getting to the point where I feel we're invading their privacy when we enter the kitchen. We've tried about a dozen remedies and none of them has worked so far. Congrats on that huge one.


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