Saturday, April 24, 2010

Una's gift from her Papa--a pioneer dollhouse

Una received several nice gifts:  a couple of books she had requested, this Egyptians game, nice soaps and body sprays, a gorgeous dress from her Oma...but only one gift was made with love this birthday.
Papa made a log cabin for the dolls Una got last year.  Now all we have to do is furnish it (eeek!).  I am also thinking about re-dressing the dolls to make them look a little more pioneer-ish.


  1. Your children will have such memories! All the homemade treasures... more than likely passed onto their children. We are Little House on the Prairie enthusiasts... I love the house! JMJ

  2. he could sell those houses. they are so awesome! you are so blessed to have each other, nadja, you are both so talented on your little patch o'dirt farm! i've been wanting to join in your monday musings, but i can't seem to get to any of the things i "want" to do!
    happy belated to your sweet girl.
    have a blessed week.

  3. I have been looking for such a cabin doll house for my girls!!! How did you make it?

  4. I designed it and my clever husband made it!


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