Thursday, April 8, 2010

Small Successes--volume 61

1)  I finally got to Mass on Easter after 5 weeks of not being able to go due to one illness in the family after another.  This was no credit to me, of course, and I give thanks to God for His merciful goodness.  But I did manage to get all four boys coordinated in beige trousers and white shirts, ties, and freshly-trimmed hair.  Added bonus: I got a photo of all six kids looking still looking nice after Mass!

2)  I gave my blog a "face-lift".  This included successfully adding a third column to it (I'd tried this once before and lost my entire blog for a gut-wrenching 30 minutes), and finally figuring out how to remove the snowflakes that had been falling on my blog since the beginning of winter.

3) I made nearly four quarts of fresh yogurt yesterday.  And I am hoping to get a huge load of granola made today.

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  1. LOve the new look. Your property is so green and beautiful and the kids so precious. Glad everyone is well, too -- and that you got to Easter Mass. Praise God spring's here! Maybe all the sniffles and bugs are gone with the bad weather.

  2. Yogurt!!! Amazing! Did you use the crock pot, the oven, yogurt maker, or your own yogurt "incubator"?

    I miss the snow :D.

    Great week!!

  3. Great job on blog facelifting, I'm to scared to mess around with mine to much!

  4. Love your successes and blog. I echo the above...always a nice "lift" to come here and see your layout!

    Much love!


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