Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Musings April 26th, 2010

 Right now...5:50 a.m.  It is dark, overcast and blustery outside.  On the one hand, I don't like days like this when the children can't go out to play.  On the other hand, we have cows, and the pasture really needs the rain.

This past weekend...was pleasant, as it began on Friday with the celebration of Una's birthday.  It is always nice to have that extra day.

Saturday evening was a bit hairy.  All afternoon and evening the weather radio kept blaring with severe weather warnings for our area.  Around 7:30 p.m. we had tornado warnings, and in spite of the fact that the older kids and I tried to be very nonchalant about the few preparations we were making just in case, poor Adrian was in a state.  Bret ended up sleeping with Gemma in our room, and I slept on the sofa with all the other children lined up on the living room floor.  The wind and rain died down at about 9:30 and everyone slept well.

Yesterday Gabriel made his first confession.  He's the only phlegmatic in the family, so I am perpetually amazed by his relaxed manner in almost everything.  Our priest friend was home from doing missions and called us on Saturday.  He asked if Gabriel would be ready on Sunday to make his confession.  I asked Gabriel and he said, "Sure!"  Did he get nervous?  Nope.  Did I?  Yep.  I was in the pew beside the confessional praying fervently with my heart pounding.
He did just fine.

Sebastian, on the other hand, left Mass nearly a basket case.  Somewhere between Father's hand and Sebastian's mouth, the Host fell and the altar server had pulled the Paten away too soon, so our Lord ended up lodged between the cushion on the kneeler of the Communion rail and the rail itself.  Father kept assuring Sebastian that it was alright as he came around to extricate the Host and consume it himself, but Sebastian was fighting back tears.  I think it was a combination of thinking it was his fault along with feeling like the whole world was focused on him, which was not true, of course.  He did finally recover, realizing perhaps that only a few people up front who were waiting for Communion had seen anything.

Some plans for this week:  School; making yogurt; ordering a few things for Sebastian's birthday next month; trying to finish Gabriel's Confession lapbook, since he has already received that sacrament; getting a few plants into the raised beds once the rain ceases.

If I can find some time for myself, I want to... finish the cardigan I am making.  One sleeve left to do.  I tried it on Gemma last night, and if I can get it done soon, she may be able to wear it for a month or two before she outgrows it!  Luckily, I really love knitting this pattern (no seams--hurray!), so it won't be anything to cast on another once this one is done.

I also purchased some inexpensive cotton fabric with hopes of trying to make a regency period dress for Una some time.  I am a novice on the sewing machine, but Sense & Sensibility Patterns has online step-by-step instructions, so I hope to be able to manage it. 

Special prayer intentions: for my friend, Cindy, and her family, as they move toward possibly selling their place and purchasing another, closer to the Fathers of Mercy and the opportunity to assist at Mass daily again; for all our endeavors, in school and at work, that we may be productive and meet with success; for my grandfather, who has not been doing well, and to find a good family practice doctor who will take the children's insurance, since I have been increasingly unhappy with the place I currently take them to.

Something that makes me smile:  baby fingers and baby toes.

 If you want to borrow the header image and do your own Monday Morning Musings, go ahead  and let me know in the comments so I can read your post.  Link back to mine, if you would.  Have a blessed week!


  1. Oh what sweet little baby feet. They really should be part of that song in The Sound of Music, my Favorite Things. :)

    I managed to get my Musings post up this morning instead of this afternoon after missing a week or two.

    I hope you have a fabulous week.

  2. Oh, poor Sebastian... I feel for him!

    Baby fingers and toes... and cheeks, and tummies, and plump little thighs!;)

    Sense and Sensibility... my favorite book and movie.

    Have a wonderful week! JMJ

  3. those toes are positively edible.

  4. Well, I hope Monday Afternoon Musings count :).

    How do you do your yogurt? Do you have a yogurt maker, do countertop, oven, crockpot, or another way?


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