Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Musings April 12th, 2010

Right now... it is 5:47 and just getting light on the horizon.  I got up an hour ago to make a good start for this week, as we are getting back to school, and I need to have it go smoothly!

This past weekend... was lovely.  We ran our errands on Friday, stopping at Goodwill, where I found a few things for the kids.  It seems I am forever running out of jeans for the boys.  They just blast trough the knees of every pair.  I need to schedule a few blocks of time to do patch the knees of a stack of jeans.  In the meantime, I figure that if I procrastinate long enough, the weather will soon be too hot for jeans anyway!

I planted a bunch of herb and flower seeds (very late!), and Bret tilled up our beds.  Now he has to figure out a way to keep my free-ranging chickens out of the beds.

The kids have colds again, but thankfully that won't prevent them from going outside to play, as it does in the winter.  I love this time of year.  It isn't too hot, there are no mosquitoes yet, the fruit flies haven't taken over my kitchen, and my hayfever hasn't really started up yet.  It is all too brief, this delectable time of year!

Some plans for this week:  Yikes.  All the things I should have accomplished last week and didn't!  Dental appointments for the kids, look into shots and neutering for the pups, finalize my menu plan and chore chart and finish taking out the summer clothes and putting away the winter ones.  And there is school.  Many folks will be finishing up school in the next month or so, but we will likely go on until the end of July and just take August off.  We missed an awful lot of school during the winter with all the illness, and we have plenty to do before I will feel ready to move on to the next level.

If I can find some time for myself, I want to... I have several projects to work on, but I am longing to knit.  Outdoors, preferably!  If I can get my act together enough to find an hour or two free in the afternoon, I want to sit on the porch with my knitting basket and work on the little cardigan I just started on Friday evening.  HA!  Like that'll happen...!

Special prayer intentions: for things to really move forward this year with regards to selling this house and beginning construction of a new one in KY; for the rest of the school year to go well, for fortitude and zeal, so that I might overcome my spiritual sloth and work tirelessly for my salvation and that of my children.  If we all put as much energy into our spiritual lives as we do into other silly things (this blog, for instance...?), how far we would go toward sainthood!

Something that makes me smile: 
 Homeschooling. Siblings. Good books.

 I was going to do a Mister Linky-thing to my Monday Morning Musings post, but I don't think I have readers in numbers to make that necessary, at least not at this point.  If you would like to join in, feel free to copy the post header and link back to my post so that I may read yours!


  1. Happy week, Nadja! I still like to visit you first... although, it is often after lunch. Great picture of Una reading to her siblings. (Your blog is inspirational and certainly not a silly thing!)

  2. I missed it this week, it's been an intense week and I had family in town. I hope to join in again next week :)


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